A Bunch of Munsch is an animated Canadian show that gives us kids action and adventure.


  • Thomas' Snowsuit: Thomas tries to run away from the grown-ups such as the teacher and principal who want him to put an ugly brown snowsuit of his on.
  • 50 Below Zero: Jason realizes that his house is going crazy especially when Papa is wandering around sleepwalking.
  • The Paper Bag Princess: Our story takes place in England where Princess Elizabeth makes friends with a dragon.
  • Pigs: Megan is on a school field trip visiting the farm, including a chaos of pigs.
  • David's Father: David and his father have fun together.
  • Murmel, Murmel, Murmel: Robyn meets a baby and decides to find an owner to take care of him.
  • The Boy in the Drawer: A gnome takes over the sock drawer and it's up to Shelly to eliminate him.
  • Something Good - Julie, Andrew, and Tyya are on a trip to the grocery store.
  • Mortimer - Mortimer always sings louder.
  • Angela's Airplane: Angela learns how to fly an airplane.
  • The Fire Station: Our friends visit the fire station by having fun.
  • Moria's Birthday: Moria is having a birthday party but learns that making birthday plans isn't such a good idea.
  • Blackberry Subway Jam: Jonathan goes on a blackberry mission to stop the subway from making a mess in his house.

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