Jimmyandfriends's TV special-spoofs of "A Chipmunk Christmas"

Christmas with the Chipmunks

Christmas with the Chipmunks DVD


The special starts out with Mung Daal visiting the family of Timmy Turner. He admits that the chance of Timmy recovering before Christmas is bleak. Meanwhile, E.B., Kermit and Fix-it Felix have a recording session. E.B. is not very happy about having to work on Christmas, but after Woody tells him that he can play his prized Golden Echo harmonica, he suggests that Woody can get everything set up in the studio while he and his brothers go window shopping. Woody agrees to this, and tells them not to be late. At the music store, E.B. sees another Golden Echo harmonica, and tells his own harmonica that it's the best harmonica in the world. At that moment, Timmy's mother and sister arrive at the store, and he overhears Timmy's sister tell her mother that if Timmy had the Golden Echo harmonica, it would make him feel better. E.B. feels bad about Timmy's illness, so much that during the recording session, he can't sing in tune with the others. Woody gives the Chipmunks a break, so E.B. goes to Timmy's house and presents him with his (E.B.'s) own harmonica, returning in time to finish the session. Unfortunately, later, while the Characters are decorating the tree, Woody gets a phone call from Carnegie Hall that they want E.B. to play his harmonica on Christmas Eve. E.B. reveals what he did to Kermit and Felix, and makes a plan to get enough money for a new harmonica.

The Chipmunks gather up all the dogs in the neighborhood, and set up a photo booth, where children can have their photo taken with Santa Claus (E.B.). Unfortunately, the presence of a cat ruins the whole thing, and draws Woody's attention. Although he wants to know what happened, E.B. tells Kermit and Fix-it Felix that they can't tell Woody about the harmonica, as Woody gave it to E.B. long ago, and E.B. is worried that Woody's feelings would be hurt if he learned what happened. As a result, Woody mistakes E.B.'s actions for greed, and sends him to his room. This leads to a dream sequence involving King Fergus, who says that he has invented Christmas (which is now February 12) and Santa (Abraham Lincoln in a sleigh consisting of a hollowed-out pumpkin pulled by four elephants). E.B. tells him he needs money, and when Woody comes to check up on him, he is saying "money" in his sleep, causing Woody to give up.

On Christmas Eve, two hours before the concert, Kermit and Fix-it Felix give E.B. the money they have saved up, and wish him luck on buying the harmonica. When asked where E.B. went, they lie and say they don't know. Luckily, just as Woody is complaining, he gets a phone call from Timmy's mother, who tells him about E.B.'s harmonica and the wonders it worked for Timmy.

At the music store, E.B. is depressed, as he still doesn't have enough money for a new harmonica. Just then, a strange old woman appears, and buys it for him, only asking for a song in return, but disappearing by the end.

Woody, Kermit, and Fix-it Felix arrive, and Woody apologizes to E.B. and tells him they have a surprise for him. At the concert, E.B. learns that Timmy has fully recovered, and he joins the Chipmunks on stage.

At the end, King Dedede returns to the North Pole, where he is greeted by his wife (the same old woman who bought E.B. the harmonica). As Dedede flies over the city before returning home, we hear the Chipmunks singing "We Wish You A Merry Christmas".


  • E.B. (Hop) as Alvin Seville
  • Kermit the Frog (Muppets) as Simon Seville
  • Fix-It Felix, Jr. (Wreck-It Ralph) as Theodore Seville
  • Woody (Toy Story) as Dave Seville
  • Mrs. Turner (The Fairly OddParents) as Mrs. Waterford
  • Cindy Vortex (Jimmy Neutron) as Angela Waterford
  • Timmy Turner (The Fairly OddParents) as Tommy Waterford
  • Mung Daal (Chowder) as Doctor
  • King Fergus (Brave) as Clyde Crashcup
  • Anna (Frozen) as Cindy Lou
  • King Dedede (Kirby) as Santa Claus
  • Elsa (Frozen) as Mrs. Claus


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