The next year starts and now that Kim Knight and Barry Charles have both been beating the group have gone there own way. Scott Curtis and Emma Davison have however stayed close. The chapter starts when a phone call to Emma's mobile starts the events.

Becky tells Emma she is in trouble and suspects that where she is staying is making what she calls clones. Emma tries not to laugh but however Scott tell Emma this has been done before and has seen something like this done in 1981 when he was in his past body and thinks its best they meet Becky. Soon Scott and Emma head over to Decoy to go and meet Becky Miles as they meet she tells that she also being chased by a the people who tried to stop her reaching the outside world. These being Oasis Care the group quickly escape from decoy after being chased by four men.

Soon they had back to Kingsteigton and Scott calls the others asking them if they are up for yet another fight. Maria Hart and Zack Zindine tell them to hang on and they will make it up. As they wait the four men drive and catch up with them. Because it looks bad Scott along with Emma and Becky are not sure what they are going to do. But at the same time Zack and Maria shout to them to jump in quick! All 3 of them jump inside and they all start to head away from the men who are behind them. Becky tells them one of them is called Frank Lawson he is the leader. The group also meet a mate of Zacks who is also coming along for the fun called Keith Rainer after a short chase the group manage to avoid the Oasis Care group and head down to Plymouth to keep safe.

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