This is taken from What if Toy Story was produced by Big Idea Productions and made in 2000? (VF2000's version)


  • Narrator: Get ready, to get down with the coolest band around!
  • Philip Fleagle: The Chipmunks! Best band ever.
  • Narrator: In VeggieTales' A Chipmunk ChristmasAn all-new adventure on DVD & VHS!
  • Alvin: It's... beautiful.
  • Simon: You bet!
  • Theodore: You knew that, but we didn't need to know that!
  • Narrator: Played by a kooky cucumber, an inventive grape, and a food-loving gourd, join Alvin, Simon, and Theodore...
  • Merry Larry: Jumping Jehoshaphat! This is the most fun I had in years!
  • Narrator: they save the day.
  • Crowd: (cheering)
  • Narrator: ...feel the groove...
  • Merry Larry: I want all the spotlights.
  • David Seville: What would you like to do with your gift?
  • (SLAM!)
  • Two kids: (Gasp)
  • Narrator: ...and discover...
  • Alvin: I have to say - you look like you're doing well!
  • Philip Fleagle: It's all about the arts!
  • Narrator: ...the power of using one's gifts for others!
  • Merry Larry: God wants us to use our gifts to help others.
  • Theodore: These are different types of work to do.
  • Narrator: Don't miss a "beet" of the fun....
  • Alvin: Can you give me a boost on the Elf Village?
  • Roadie Reggie: Coming up!
  • Alvin: Ow.
  • Narrator: Featuring a behind-the-scenes peek at Toy Story.
  • Chipmunks: ...We're the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything. We just stay home and lie around...
  • Narrator: ...and the official debut of Elf Lawrence, also known as "Merry Larry"!
  • Theodore: You look different!
  • Merry Larry: No offense taken.
  • Crowd: (laughs uncontrollably)
  • Alvin: Stop laughing! All of you!
  • Theodore: If my three generals Derek, Cuthbert and Yorick found why you changed so quickly, then Uncle Ian - would still be here!
  • Narrator: Share VeggieTales' A Chipmunk Christmas with your family! It's an elf-sized adventure from VeggieTales! Now available on DVD and Video!
  • Mall Shopper: Best! Animal Group! Ever!
  • Pirate Lunt: Dig it?
  • Buccaneer Larry: Yep, I dig it!

Fun Facts

Real World Reference

  • The music that's playing in the trailer is Lipps, Inc.'s "Funkytown", Queen's "We Will Rock You" and Bruno Mars's "Treasure". Please note that the three aforementioned songs weren't included.

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