Humbledingify's spoof of the 2004 TV musical version of A Christmas Carol.


  • The Mad Doctor (Epic Mickey) as Ebeneezer Scrooge
  • Oswald the Lucky Rabbit (Epic Mickey) as Bob Cratchit
  • Turbo (Wreck-It Ralph) as Jacob Marley
  • Buckets(The 7D) as The Ghost of Christmas Past
  • Bacchus (Fantasia) as The Ghost of Christmas Present
  • The Groke (Moomin) as The Ghost of Christmas Yet-To-Come
  • The Once-ler (The Lorax) as Young Scrooge
  • The Hag (Snow White and The Seven Dwarves) as The Charwoman
  • Honest John Foulfellow and Gideon (Pinocchio) as The Undertakers
  • The Coachman (Pinocchio) as Old Joe

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