Narrator: Rosie the Super Spirited Engine trundled depressingly to Henry's station.

Rosie: "It's just not fair."

Narrator: she complained.

Rosie: "Daisy's been telling fibs about me and made Mr. Percival and all of the other engines think I'm very disturbing."

Narrator: Henry smiled at Rosie.

Henry: "I know you aren't, Rosie, and so does Mr. Percival, you just wait and see, why don't you help me with these freight cars?"

Narrator: Rosie was feeling much more cheerful with Henry, and set out to work at once.

Narrator: The freight cars were very crazy, heavy, and noisy.

Narrator: The 2 railroad engines had to work real hard, pushing and pulling them all afternoon.

Narrator: At last, they reached the hill top.

Rosie: "Thank you, goodbye!"

Narrator: said Rosie, and she rolled gently over the crossing to the other line.

Narrator: Rosie loved coasting down the hill, running easily with the wind blowing past.

Narrator: Suddenly, it was a signal guard's signal whistle!

Freight Cars: "Yahoo, yahoo, yahoo!"

Narrator: laughed the Freight Cars.

Freight Cars: "We've broken away, we've broken away, chase her, bump her, throw her off the rails!"

Narrator: They exclaimed in triumph.

Rosie's Driver: "Hurry, Rosie, Hurry!"

Narrator: exclaimed Rosie's driver.

They raced around through Henry's station, but the Freight Cars were really catching up."

Rosie's Driver: "Just as fast as we can, then they'll catch us gradually!"

Narrator: Rosie's driver was gaining self control."

Rosie's Driver: "Another clear mile, and we'll do it!"

Rosie: "Oh, wow, look at that!"

Narrator: Emily was just pulling out on their line from the station ahead, any single minute now, there could be a great big crash!

Rosie's Driver:  "It's up to you now, Rosie!"

Narrator: said Rosie's driver.

Rosie put every single ounce of weight and steam against the Freight Cars.

Rosie: "It's way too late!"

Narrator: Rosie groaned out loud, and shut her eyes.

Narrator: She went into a siding where the barber set up his shop.

Narrator: He was shaving 1 of his customers.


Narrator: The crazy freight cars had knocked their signal guard off his feet and left him very far behind right after he had whistled the warning.

Narrator: But the Freight Cars didn't care about it, they were feeling very amused with themselves.

Rosie: "Beg pardon, kind sir."

Narrator: Gasped Rosie in shock.

Rosie: "Sorry for my intrusion."

Barber: "No I won't!"

Narrator: said the barber.

Barber: "You terrified my customers! I'll show you!"

Narrator: And he lathered Rosie's face all over.

Narrator: Poor Rosie.

Thomas and Percy were helping to pull the Freight Cars away when Mr. Percival arrived.

Barber: "I don't like railroad engines popping through my walls!"

Narrator: fumed the barber.

Mr. Percival: "I understand your emotions."

Narrator: said Mr. Percival.

Mr. Percival: "But you must know that this railroad engine and her driver have prevented a very serious accident, it was a very clean, uh, shave indeed."

Barber: "Oh."

Narrator: said the barber.

Barber: "Oh, excuse me."

Narrator: "He filled up a bowl of nice warm water and washed Rosie's face.

Barber: "I'm  terribly sorry, Rosie, I didn't know you were being a very brave and heroic engine."

Rosie: "That's alright, kind sir, I didn't know that either."

Mr. Percival: "You were very brave and heroic, Rosie."

Narrator: said Mr. Percivlal.

Mr. Percival: "I'm very proud of you."

Narrator: Mr. Percival watched the rescue operation, then he had more good news for Rosie.

Mr. Percival: "And when you're properly washed and fixed, you're coming back home with everybody."

Rosie: "Home, kind sir? do you mean the roundhouse in the yard?"

Mr. Percival: "Of course, Rosie."

Rosie: "But, kind sir, they don't like me, they like Daisy."

Mr. Percival: "Not right now, I never believed Daisy, so I sent her packing, the other railroad engines are terribly sorry and want you back."

Narrator: A few days later, when she came back home, here was a real rousing welcome for Rosie the Super Spirited Engine.

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