A Clue From The Digi-Past is the tenth episode of Digimon Adventure, created by Akiyoshi Hongo and Eric Goldberg. In the Episode, while Mimi comes to terms with being stranded in the middle of nowhere, Izzy becomes deeply involved in researching a nearby temple, much to Mimi and Groucho's annoyance.

The English version is written by Ernie Jon and Steve Roberts, based on the Story Idea by Adolph Green and Betty Comden.


Izzy, Tentomon, Mimi and Palmon are all plummeting through the sky in the beds and are about to crash. Mimi and Palmon find themselves in a forest while Izzy and Tentomon are outside of some acient ruins which Izzy, much to his partners protests, decides to investigate.


Izzy: Prodigious! These Ruins are a gigantic Maze.

Mimi: I'm leaving! Right now!

(Mimi starts to cry. Izzy turns around.)

Izzy: Huh?

Tentomon: Oh don't cry, Mimi.

(Palmon cries too.)

Tentomon: Oh no, not you too! Izzy do something!

Izzy: Do what? My laptop can't do everything!

Tentomon: I don't know! Tell her you're sorry!

Izzy: Sorry? For what?!

(Kabuterimon is so big, he reaches the roof and Mimi and Groucho are pressed against the wall.)

Mimi: Oh! I forgot, when you get bigger you get a lot bigger, don't you?

Groucho: Watch where you step, big guy.

Kabuterimon: Oh, uh sorry.

Groucho: So what will it be, Master?

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