A Clue From The Digi-Past and Other Episodes is a fan-fiction VHS/DVD Release featuring three Digimon: Digital Monsters episodes, three Thomas and Friends episodes and three Pokemon episodes.


  1. A Clue From The Digi-Past (Digimon: Digital Monsters)
  2. The Insect Master's Trap (Digimon: Digital Monsters)
  3. Blame It On Ryo (Digimon: Digital Monsters)
  4. Percy Runs Away (Thomas and Friends)
  5. Old Iron (Thomas and Friends)
  6. Toby's Tightrope (Thomas and Friends)
  7. The School of Hard Knocks (Pokemon)
  8. Bye Bye Psyduck (Pokemon)
  9. Hot Matches (Pokemon)


  • Distributed by USA Home Entertainment.

DVD Artwork

Front Cover (USA Home Entertainment version)

  • Top: Izzy and Mimi
  • Bottom: Toby from "Toby's Tightrope"

Back Cover (USA Home Entertainment version)

  • Ryo from "Blame It On Ryo"
  • Marina from "Bye Bye Psyduck"

Front Cover (Strand VCI/Strand Home Video/Video Treasures versions)

  • Izzy from "A Clue From The Digi-Past"

Back Cover (Strand VCI/Strand Home Video/Video Treasures versions)

  • Percy from "Percy Runs Away"

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