Thomas at Ffarqhaur Sheds

The Railway Series Continues: A Cranky Day!

A Cranky Day is the first book of The Railway Series Continues, and it is the first to have television photographs from the book, unlike the Railway Series.

Next Book: Really Useful Thomas. (January 8th, 2015)


Hello Railway Series fans, This is the Thomas the Tank Engine community and we discovered something new for you to enjoy, we are having past episodes based off from the television series to date because we have made a book version of The Railway Series Continues, and i hope you all love it it has exciting stories for you to enjoy, hop on board for Thomas, James, Percy, Duck and many more, so get your tickets and hop on board for the exciting adventures on Sodor.


Cranky Bugs

One day, Thomas and Percy were hot, tired and bothered out, a new crane was built to Sodor, his name was Cranky and he was always complaining all the time like a grouch, he was causing trouble and racism with Thomas and Percy and he called them useless little bugs, and Thomas told him "rubbish" and he said that no crane has ever been complaining before, and Cranky's bad behavior gets Thomas and Percy in a lot of trouble, and when a rain storm came, the ship trapped the engines when the shed collapsed by accident and Cranky fell down, and when the storm was over, The Fat Controller inspected Cranky and Cranky told the Fat Controller he had been getting them in to trouble and he owed them an apology, and the Fat Controller sent Thomas and Percy to help him and Cranky learns not to get the engines in trouble ever again.

The Engines and The Three Horrid Lorries

Percy was late and Cranky was worried the ships had more cargo for Percy's trucks and said he should have a lorry to help him and the other engines were offended what Cranky had said and i am afraid Percy was right, the 3 lorries came with more but they are 3 lorries and the lorries were very rude and very mean to Percy, the lorry called him green goblin on wheels and he was rude to Thomas and James when the other lorry met, and Thomas found the other lorry offensive and very horrid and James found him despicable when he agreed with his friend and one day when Toby was on his way to the farm, he saw the other lorry coming down the dangerous mountain and it is loaded with rock and the lorry tries to stop but he fell down with a crash, but the driver jumped clear at least but the lorry was wrecked and was taken to The Docks, and the first lorry was broken when he was taking flour to the windmill but he had a flat tire and Donald and Douglas laughed and the third one sunk into Arthur's Fishing Village and Thomas was sent to pick up the 3 damaged lorries one day to take them the scrapyards and he called them Smashed, Broken and Sunk, and the lorries never returned again and they never will return.

The Runaway Toad

Toad the Brake van is feeling sad and miserable and he wanted to go forwards like the other but one day, Oliver cheered his friend up and he felt sorry for Toad but Gordon called him useless and unreliable and he said he is no leader if he cannot pull trucks forwards, but what Gordon said to the little brakevan, made Toad more depressed but Oliver had an idea, and it happened just now when he was struggling up Gordon's Hill with a heavy goods train, he just broke his back coupling and Toad's fun began at first but now the trucks pushed him on and on and Toad was a runaway and it was all over the Sodor Island News, and he saw buffers and he was back on the main line due to a points failure and he went past Henry and now Toad didn't want to have a fun adventure anymore, It was fun at first but it was now like a roller-coaster, and Toad was switched onto the siding with buffers and Toad's wheels left the rails and into the tarmac and he saw a muddy water pond he tried to stop but it was too late, he sunk into the muddy water pond and Oliver now caught up with him and Toad apologized about it to Oliver and he apologized if had made Oliver feel embarrassed, but Oliver was not embarrassed about it, Oliver asked him what he thought of going forwards but Toad told him it was a fun experience and Toad nowadays remained now made himself go forwards from now on and he would never make a silly mistake to Oliver again.

Teething Troubles

One day, Bill and Ben were arguing about who will get the trucks to pull but they decided to have a little fight and they almost came off the rails, and when BoCo saw this, he was annoyed with them and he did not want Edward to have a word with them and The Fat Controller arrived and he saw that Bill and Ben were causing naughtiness and he knew that Derek will come and work here and in fact he did and Derek the diesel was a double teething trouble one and he breaks down and a-lot more often and Percy told them a good luck, and Diesel rolled up and he told Bill and Ben if they played a trick on him and Derek will not come back and the China Clay Twins ignored Diesel anyway, The Next Day when Derek arrived Bill and Ben were shocked at first and with that, things started going well at first when Derek came and now things were worse when he broken down and Bill and Ben were cross and luckily some tools were here to fix Derek, and in no time at all, Derek was fixed and now everything was great again and Derek was welcome to stay and the engines were happy and Bill and Ben gave him a friendly welcome.


  • Thomas
  • Percy
  • James
  • Gordon
  • Duck
  • Oliver
  • Toby
  • Toad
  • Trucks
  • Donald and Douglas
  • Bill and Ben
  • Diesel
  • BoCo
  • Derek
  • The Three Horrid Lorries
  • The Fat Controller
  • Butch (faceless; non speaking role)
  • Annie and Clarabel (cameo)
  • Henry (does not speak)


  • This is the first book of the Railway Series Continues.
  • Thomas made an appearance from 1 out of 3 in this book.
  • This is the first book of the Railway Series to use photography from the TV series unlike the first forty-two books.
  • This book is based on episodes from the television series in four episodes of each book:
  • Cranky Bugs, Horrid Lorry, Busy Going Backwards and Double Teething Troubles.
  • This book is had different titles you see unlikely in the television series:
  • Horrid Lorries is called The Engines and The Three Horrid Lorries.
  • Double Teething Troubles is called Teething Troubles.
  • Busy Going Backwards was called The Runaway Toad.
  • This book only has one chapter in the very beginning and had the same name as the one from the television Thomas series.
  • This book is using photography from the episodes of several things:

Photography was used and taken from Cranky Bugs in Chapter one of the book, Photography was used and taken from Horrid Lorry in Chapter two of the book, Photography was used and taken from Busy Going Backwards in Chapter three of the book and Photography was used and taken from Double Teething Troubles.

  • References from Thomas Comes to Breakfast, The Deputation, and The Runaway are used in chapters 2-3.


  • Edward was not seen throughout the entire book.
  • Henry speaks in chapter one when the engines say: "Help!".
  • Thomas was not seen in Busy Going Backwards (Chapter 3).

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