A Dangerous Game of Time was a trilogy of stories on the GTT chiefly created by the author 23, along with fellow authors Vegeta, Shade, MOTP and MOP as well as a few others. It involved popular cartoon characters Samurai Jack and the Justice League joining forces to face Jack's enemy Aku and a few others in storylines taking places in several time periods.

In the first, Jack apparently was sent back to his own time, only to find himself on Prehistoric Earth. The adventure also featured King Authur's Britain, the Titanic and a dark alternate future in Washington DC, as well as the mysterious character of the Time Keeper.

The second saw Aku creating a deadly virus which he intended to spread across time and space, and a brand new enemy in the form of Belo, an evil creature of the same race as Aku. The Devil also became involved in proceedings.

The third saw Jack encountering a beautiful women who he discovered was his wife in the future. Aku and Belo had joined forces in the not-so distant future and were planning to lure Jack into a trap. But Belo was actually in league with the devil and a deadly war broke out between fractions. Sadly the story was never completed.

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