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⁃ Flik - Donald Duck

⁃ Atta - Daisy Duck

⁃ Dot - Gosalyn Mallard (Darkwing Duck)

⁃ Queen - Minnie Mouse

⁃ Aphie - Himself

⁃ Dot's 2 Boyfriends

- Honker Muddlefoot (Darkwing Duck) and Huey, Dewey and Louie (DuckTales)

⁃ Ant who shouts "I'm lost!" - Tuskernnini

(Duckwing Duck)

⁃ Ant that gets tired - Steelbeak (Darkwing Duck)

⁃ Mr. Soil - Daily Nibbler (From An American Tail: The Mystery of The Night Monster 1999)

⁃ Dr. Flora - Nellie Brie (From An American Tail: The Mystery of The Night Monster 1999)

⁃ Thorny - Cholena's Father (From An American Tail: The Treasure Of Manhattan Island 1998)

⁃ Cornelius - Mr. Mouse With The Ladder (From An American Tail: The Treasure Of Manhattan Island 1998)

⁃ Hopper - Taurus Bulba (Darkwing Duck)

⁃ Molt - Hammerhead Hannigan (Darkwing Duck)

⁃ Grasshoppers - Loonatics Unleashed Villains, Looney Tunes Villains, and Darkwing Duck Villains

⁃ Thumper - Horace Horsecollar

⁃ Axel and Loco - Hoof and Mouth (Darkwing Duck)

⁃ Grasshopper next to Mort, Axel and Loco - Tantalus (Darkwing Duck)

⁃ 2 Grasshoppers that Dot overhears - Quackerjack and Megavolt (Darkwing Duck)

⁃ Blueberry Troop Kids - Themeselfs

⁃ P.T. Flea - Mickey Mouse

⁃ Francis - Darkwing Duck

⁃ Slim - Panchito Pistoles

⁃ Heimlich - Aracuan Bird

⁃ Dim - José Carioca

⁃ Gypsy - Mortimer Mouse's Wife

⁃ Manny - Mortimer Mouse

⁃ Rosie - Harmony

⁃ Tuck and Roll - NegaDuck (Darkwing Duck 1991) and Scrooge McDuck (DuckTales)

⁃ Flies at Circus - Various Cartoon Kittens

⁃ Fly Brothers - Polly Lobster,

Clueless Morgan,

Mad Monty,

Blind Pew,

Black Dog,

Angel Marie,

Old Tom,

Real Old Tom,

Dead Tom,

Spotted Dick,

One-Eyed Jack,

Walleye Pike,


Jacques Roach,


Wander McMooch,


Mudwell the Mudbunny,

Brool the Minstrel,

Murray the Minstrel,

Gray Frackle,




Headless Bill,

Mr. Bitte,

Old Joe,

The Undertaker,

Lyle the Dog

⁃ Baby Maggots - Edd, and Eddy (Ed Edd & Eddy)

⁃ Harry and Bug friend - Mermaid Man and Barnacle Man (Spongebob Squarepants)

⁃ Cricket with "Kid Pulled My Wings Off" sign - Waffle (Catscratch)

- Fly Said You Come Here I Want My Money Back - Zazu (The Lion King)

⁃ Mime Bug - Twitchy

⁃ Cockroach Waitress - Siri,

⁃ Mosquito Waitress - Panthy (from Noah Ark)

-Snail - Merlin (Squirrel)

⁃ Slick - Top Cat (from Top Cat)

⁃ Mosquito who drinks 'Bloody Mary' - Tom the Cat (Tom And Jerry The Movie)

⁃ Thud the Big Fly - Sam The Eagle

⁃ Bird - Pterano

⁃ Petrie's Siblings as Baby Birds

⁃ Woody (in Outtakes) - Adult Tod

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