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A House Divided is a Pokemon Puzzle League: The Series episode.


  • Mitchie and Kimiko are tired of bumping into each other and split their rooms in half. Ash and Lt. Surge have to figure out about the two girls. Note: Kimiko is wearing her Judging Omi outfit.


  • Ash Ketchum
  • Lt. Surge
  • Mitchie Ohara
  • Kimiko Tohomiko


Part 1

  • (We See Mitchie and Kimiko watching Hannah Montanna)
  • Mitchie: Bad Moose Rising. Look at Miley move in time lapse.
  • Kimiko: She's making Hannah Moosetanna.
  • Ash: Flight of The Bumblebee. That musical piece.
  • (Mitchie and Kimiko bump into each other)
  • Mitchie: Hey, i was just watching the series.
  • Kimiko: Well then we'll split our rooms in half, miss!
  • Mitchie: Fine!
  • (Mitchie and Kimiko split their rooms in half)
  • Ash: Lt. Surge, it's horrible!
  • Lt. Surge: What's wrong, kid?
  • Ash: Mitchie and Kimiko have split their rooms in half.
  • Lt. Surge: I couldn't know that.
  • Ash: Well, they didn't speak to each other. I better see my girlfriend and find out what's doing?
  • Lt. Surge: Okay.
  • (We see Mitchie wearing a school uniform and opaque nude tights)
  • Mitchie: Im not going to wear socks after i put on my uniform.
  • Ash: Hi, Mitchie. What are you wearing your school uniform?
  • Mitchie: Well, Ash. I'm going to study the exams.
  • Ash: You forgot to put on your white socks, Mitchie.
  • Mitchie: Sorry. I don't need to put on my socks.
  • Ash: So you'll stay in your school uniform?
  • Mitchie: Right. I'll put on my high heeled pumps.
  • (Mitchie puts on her high heeled pumps)
  • Mitchie: I'm ready. I'll see you later, Ash.
  • Ash: Bye, Mitchie.
  • (Mitchie goes away for school)
  • Ash: I'll see Kimiko.
  • (We cut to Kimiko playing Mario Kart 64)
  • Kimiko: Yes! Passed the Special Cup.
  • Ash: What are you doing, Kimiko?
  • Kimiko: Just playing Mario Kart 64.
  • Ash: I see Mitchie has gone to school.
  • Kimiko: Right. You should be ashamed of her.
  • Ash: You're right, Kimiko.
  • (We see Mitchie at school)
  • Teacher: Why did you get your nude tights and your high heeled pumps, Mitchie?
  • Mitchie: Because my socks are dirty, teacher.
  • Teacher: You're right. Please accept the test.
  • Mitchie: Thank you. (starts studying the test)
  • Student 1: Whoa. That girl not refusing to wear socks.
  • Student 2: Maybe she didn't even wear her flats.
  • Mitchie: Huh?
  • Teacher: Boys. Remember not to talk?
  • Students: We're sorry.
  • Mitchie: (giggles)
  • (Mitchie continues to study the test)
  • Mitchie: Now back home.
  • Ash: Mitchie, where have you been?
  • Mitchie: I've passed many tests (removes her high heeled pumps)
  • Ash: What are you gonna do?
  • Mitchie: I'll have my teraphy session with you.
  • Ash: What!? Oh, no.
  • (End of Part 1)

Part 2

  • (We See Ash and Mitchie in her room)
  • Ash: What are you gonna do?
  • Mitchie: Try to be passionate. My school uniform is so sexy.
  • Angie: Big sister, where have you been?
  • Mitchie: Angie. I see your socks are worn out. Let me remove them.
  • (Mitchie removes Angie's socks)
  • Mitchie: Put on your nude tights just like i'm wearing.
  • (Angie puts on her nude tights)
  • Angie: There!
  • Mitchie: We're the two of us who are wearing nude tights.
  • (Mitchie and Angie both laugh)
  • Ash: I better go to Kimiko's room.
  • Kimiko: Lisa, i'm telling you not to touch my school uniform.
  • Lisa: I'm not touching it, big sister.
  • Kimiko: Oh.
  • Ash: Kimiko.
  • Kimiko: Ash. I was just trying to obey Lisa.
  • Ash: Your Sizing Up Omi outfit. you can use them at school.
  • Kimiko: Why, Ash? I get it, i always use my outfit at school.
  • Ash: Certainly, Kimiko. My girlfriend has to wear nude tights and high heeled pumps before going to school.
  • Kimiko: Thanks, Ash. Girls have to wear nude tights and high heeled pumps instead of white socks and flats.
  • Ash: Can i play Smash Brothers Melee?
  • Kimiko: Of course.
  • Ash: All right!
  • (We see Ash and Kimiko playing Smash Brothers Melee)
  • Ash: I'm playing as Fox McCloud.
  • Kimiko: And i'm Zelda.
  • Ash: Take this!
  • (Fox launches a quick dash attack at Zelda)
  • Kimiko: Whoa! How about this.
  • (Zelda tries to use her sphere attack, but Fox dodges it)
  • Kimiko: It missed!
  • Ash: Take that!
  • (Fox kicks Zelda to the right side of the screen)
  • Kimiko: No!
  • Ash: Yeah! I won.
  • Kimiko: Congratulations, Ash.
  • Ash: Thanks.
  • (Later Ash arrives at Mitchie's room.)
  • Ash: Mitchie, are you still in your school uniform.
  • Mitchie: I'm in my Shirley Fenette outfit.
  • Ash: Nuts!
  • Angie: (snores)
  • Mitchie: You had to be quiet. My little sister is sleeping.
  • Ash: Okay.
  • (Ash walks away out of Mitchie's Room)
  • (End of Part 2)

Part 3

  • (

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