The new fanfic based on Walt Disney's The Jungle Book with a few slight twists: call it : A Human World Book. It's a parody of The Jungle Book and it featuring all the characters.


Mowgli/Susie and Paula (Care Bears) [1][2]

Bagheera/Kilik (Soul Calibur) [3]

Baloo/Wendy, Jeff and Linda (Care Bears) [4][5][6]

The Indian Mother Wolf/Chun Li (Street Fighter) [7]

Rama the Father Wolf/Ryu (Street Fighter) [8]

The mother wolf and Rama the father wolf's cubs/Ash Ketchum and Misty (Pokémon) [9][10]

Kaa the Indian python/Tryclyde (Super Mario Bros.) [11]

Colonel Hathi the Indian elephant/Rock (Soul Calibur) [12]

Winifred, Colonel Hathi's wife/Cammy (Street Fighter) [13]

The young elephant/Becky and Sandra (Care Bears) [14] [15]

Elephants/Eric (The Little Mermaid) [16], Bo Rai Cho (Mortal Kombat) [17], Kenshi (Mortal Kombat) [18], Lee Chaolan (Tekken) [19], Kung Lao (Mortal Kombat) [20], Parakarry (Paper Mario) [21], Louis (The Princess and the Frog) [22], Iron Mam (Kirby) [23], Togekiss (Pokémon) [24]

King Louie/Dee Jay (Street Fighter) [25]

King Louie's Hench-Monkeys/Flying Monkeys (Wizard of Oz) [26]

The gang of vultures/Timon and Pumbaa (The Lion King) [27][28], Toad (Super Mario Bros.) [29], Frogger [30], Yoshi (Super Mario Bros.) [31]

Chil/Toadette (Super Mario Bros.) [32]

Shere Khan the bengal tiger/Bowser (Super Mario Bros.) [33]

Tabaqui/Kamek (Super Mario Bros.)[34]

Akela the wolf/Gen (Street Fighter) [35]

Shanti/Melanie (Care Bears) [36]

Rocky/Dogadon (Donkey Kong)[37]


  1. The Beginning
  2. Paula and Susie's Brothers
  3. Cast Out of the Crowd
  4. Tryclyde
  5. Colonel Rock's March
  6. Wendy, Jeff and Linda
  7. Monkey Business
  8. Dee-Jay
  9. Rescue from Party House
  10. Wendy, Jeff and Linda's Dilemma/Betrayal
  11. Bowser/Colonel Rock's March Reprise/The Rescue Mission
  12. My Own Hime/Melanie
  13. Tryclyde Returns
  14. Bowser's talk with Tryclyde
  15. The Gang of Five Brothers and one Sister/Dogadon
  16. That's What Friends Are For
  17. The Final Battle
  18. Reunited
  19. Conclusion/Finale

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