Many strange legends are told of these ancient forest of North America, but none so strange as the story of the two daughters named Susie and Paula, who was overtime foretold to contain great powers. It all began when the silence of the jungle had been broken by an unfamiliar sound, a sound that no other creature had ever heard before in these parts of the jungle. One man named Kilik, found this rather strange. Curiosity getting the better of him, he followed the sound as it echoed through the jungle and eventually came to a small canoe that was wrecked along the shore of calm flowing river. Seeing the canoe, Kilik looked around to see if it's owners were still around. It didn't take him long to realize that the canoe was abandoned. 

He turned his attention back to the sound which was small daughters noises and crunching into a fruit of some sort. As he climbed further up his branch and peeked closer at the sound coming from a box, Kilik saw...a small baby daughters. He was eating some tasty vegetables from the box paying no mind until he finally saw Kilik. "Huh?" Kilik said. "Eh?" the little daughters said back. It was a little baby daughters, Kilik had never seen one in these parts of the jungle before. He tried to see if his parents were still around, but he was quick to realize that the daughters must have been abandoned. If he had known how deeply Kilik waas to have been involved, he would've obeyed his first impulse and walked away. 

Kilik was just about to turn away, but the little daughters made small noises as if he wanted the wise man to come back. Kilik saw the little daughters as he brought his paws out trying to reach for him. He turned back towards the little daughters and sat on his tree staring down and smiling at him. Kilik thought to himself that this little daughters was pretty brave to look at a predator like him and not show any fear at him at all. This daughters would have needed nourishment and soon. It was a journey that took many days travel to reach the sacred daughters Village, and without a mother's care he would soon perish. Then it occurred to Kilik, a family of wolves he knew have been blessed with a litter of kids. Surely they would be a perfect foster family to the little daughters. Smiling at the idea, Kilik reached for the daughters, gently grabbed him with his hands, and placed him on his back. Then he reached for one of the fruits the daughters was eating and gave it to him. Soon after, Kilik took to the jungle in the direction the wolves lived. 

He soon arrived and looked behind the bushes smiling as mother, Chun-Li, was basking under the sun as it peeked through the trees while her kids, Ash Ketchum and Misty, were playing together. Then they turned to their home and went inside. This was Kilik's cue to bring the baby daughters to their home. Soon after they entered the home, Kilik brought the baby daughters over to the entrance and slowly crept back towards his hiding spot. But the daughters followed him to his spot. Kilik quietly took him back to the home entrance and pointed to the spot he put him on as if to tell him to stay in that spot. Then he knocked on the home entrance and quickly retreated to his hiding spot. Responding to this, Chun-Li and her kids came outside and saw the little daughters. The kids were the first to see the daughters. They looked at him as they were wondering what this creature is. As Chun-Li came over to the child, she had the same look as the kids until she saw the smile from the daughters. She smiled right back at him admiring his bravery while the kids wagged their tails at the sight of him. Kilik smiled as he saw the family getting along with the young daughters. 

He knew for a fact that their would be no problems with the mother thanks to maternal instinct, but he wasn't so sure about the father. No sooner did father, Ryu, arrive when he saw his family looking at whatever was inside the basket. With his curiosity peeked, Ryu joined them and looked at what was two small daughters. Like Kilik, he had never seen daughters in these parts of the jungle before. As he saw the daughters while it was making noises, he had a skeptical and surprised look on his face as he looked at the little daughters and then back at Chun-Li. She gave him a reassuring look as the two looked down at the little daughters that lay before them. As the baby daughters smiled at him while trying to reach up to touch his face, Ryu smiled back at the daughters. The two realized that the young daughters must be all alone in this world. They didn't know who brought him to their home, but they saw this as a blessing. With that, Chun-Li gently grabbed the little daughters and carried him inside to their home. The kids followed with excitement while Ryu followed them with a happy expression, deciding to adopt this daughters as one of their own. As the family disappeared back into their home, a happy and relieved Kilik disappeared back into the jungle wondering what sorts of adventures the young daughters will have as he gets older.

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