Twenty times the rains had come and gone, and Kilik would often stop by to see how Paula and Susie was getting along. They was taught how to hunt and survive from lessons given by their human brethren. They returned the favor by taking thorns out of their paws as well as sharing a spot in which they and the pack run through the dense forests, either for fun or for the thrill of the hunt! They was a favorite among all of the members of the pack. Kilik saw Paula and Susie as they called to the kids. Then two of them heard him, raced towards him, and jumped on top of him licking their face. Then the three started playing together. Kilik smiled as he saw the four disappear into the forest frolicking and playing.  'No daughters was ever happier,' Kilik thought to himself. Then his smile turned into a worried expression. He was happy for Paula and Susie as she saw him fitting in with the children day by day, yet he knew that....someday....he would have to return to their own kind.

On a hot summer day, Paula, Susie, Ash and Misty were running and playing through the forest. As the kids ran, Paula and Susie ran in sync with them. As they jumped over a log, they looked at their two brothers and said, "I love you guys!" As they reached the river, all three of them stopped at the shore and looked down at the water. Ash and Misty looked down and then looked at each other. "You go in first." "No, you go in first." As they both talked to each other about going into the water, Paula and Susie walked away from them and went elsewhere. "Wait, Paula and Susie should jump in!" Ash said. "Yeah the daughters is always up for swimming in the river right sisters," Misty said and looked to where Paula and Susie was, only to find him missing. "Paula? Susie?" Ash said looking for him,"Sisters where'd you go?" "YEEEEEHAW!!!!" Paula and Susie shouted as they ride from the eagles. As they was over the waterhole, they let go and made a cannonball. "YEAH!!! CANNONBALL!!" SPLASH! Susie splashed in the water completely drenching Ash and Misty. Laughing, Ash said, "Good one sis!" "Yeah Susie, that feels so good!" Misty said shaking the water off of him. "Anytime guys, who doesn't love that refreshing feeling?" Susie answered.

As they continued playing through the forest, they saw Kilik in the trees as they was cleaning himself in his spot in the trees until he finally turned and saw them. Paula waved at Kilik while he waved back smiling. As they continued running, Paula and Susie accidentally tripped on a rock and fell to the ground, but not before flames unexpectedly shot out of the palms of their paws. As they was on the ground, the flames hit a nearby tree completely charring it. "Paula! Susie!" Ash and Misty called out checking to see if they was okay. Also seeing what happened, Kilik rushed to Paula and Susie's aid saying, "Daughters, are you alright buddy!" "Yeah," Paula said getting back up on their feet, "I'm alright." But she looked at the charred tree along with Kilik, Ash, and Misty with shock seeing what Paula and Susie did. "Sisters," Ash said, "Did you do that?" "I don't know," Susie said, "I remember a shot of hot air shooting from my palms as I hit the ground." 

Later that afternoon back at the home, the group explained what happened and it made Paula and Susie's parents sigh. "Daughters, there's something your mother and I have to tell you," Ryu said. "What is it dad?" Paula answered sitting down. "Well, it's about what happened today," she answered back. "Susie," Chun-Li continued, "We along with Akela have discovered...that you hold the power of the phoenix." "It's called the Phoenix Force." "What is that dad?" Susie said in curiosity. "It's a powerful entity that can be dangerous if in the wrong hands." Ryu answered. "No wonder when the daughters tosses and turns they ends up leaving things in his part of the home charred." Misty said seeing things starting to make sense. "Wow," Susie said with her hand to her head." My head is spinning." "We know son," Chun-Li said to him, "We're sorry we didn't tell you sooner. We wanted to wait to tell you when you were older until you were mature enough to handle the knowledge." "I can't believe this," Paula said, "What if I kill someone? That tree alone didn't last long." "It's okay daughters," Kilik said comforting him, "We'll find a way through this buddy," Kilik said. "And we'll do it together." Ash added. Just then, a distant howl from one of the pack elders was heard. Kilik and Ryu knew what this sound mean't: danger. "The elders?" Chun-Li said looking towards the home entrance, "What is happening?" "I don't know," Ryu answered, "But whatever it is, it doesn't sound good. I should go and see what's going on." "I'm coming too," Kilik said following him, "This could be news that this part of the forest should know about." "Make sure everyone in the home is safe," Ryu said as he and Kilik went to where the howls were coming from.

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