Later that same evening as the sun set over the forest, the elders met at council rock, a huge rock that was perched on a high level of ground overlooking their part of the forest. The elders all met at this spot because a fearsome villain, Bowser, had returned to their part of the forest after a long absence. Everyone feared for Po's safety. They all gathered at council rock as their leader Gen stood before them making conversations and decisions involving Paula and Susie's fate. Gen was the proud leader of the pack. Meanwhile, Ryu stood on the opposite end of Council rock waiting to hear from the elders while Kilik was perched in a tree next to him. This meeting was to change the daughters's entire future. 

As the elders stopped speaking to one another, Gen finally spoke amongst them. "We are all aware of daughters's special gift," he said, "If Bowser were to find out about Paula and Susie's power, he will surely kidnap the daughters, and harness his power using it for evil, and kill all who will try to protect him." He looked down to his subjects and spoke to them once more, "Now, are we all in agreement as to what must be done?" Some looked at him while others nodded in agreement. "Now it is my unfortunate duty to tell the boy's father," Gen said to the elders as he turned to call out to Ryu. "Brother, come over here please," he called out to Ryu. "Yes Gen," Ryu answered as he walked over to Council Rock. "The council has made it's decision, The daughters can no longer stay with the pack. He must leave at once," Gen answered back. "Leave!?!" Ryu said in shock and concern. "I'm sorry brother," Gen said disappointingly, "There is no other way." "But the like my own son," Ryu said,"Surely he is entitled to the protection of the pack." "But Brother," Gen answered, "even the strength of the pack is no match Bowser. He will stop at nothing until daughters's power is drained and used for his own intent." "But the daughters can't survive on his own alone in the forest," Ryu said. 

As the two were talking, Kilik looked with concern regarding Paula and Susie's safety. He thought about daughters's well being and felt it was his responsibility to try to do what was best for the bear since he was the one who brought Paula and Susie to live with the pack in the first place. As the two continued talking, Kilik left his perch and approached the rock with an idea in mind. "Gen," he said to Gen, "perhaps I can be of help." "You Kilik," Gen asked, "How?" "I know of a man-Village where he'll be safe," he answered to him, "Paula, Susie and I have taken many walks into the forest together and I'm sure he'll go with me." He looked at Ryu with a reassuring grin and a nod. Ryu looked with a nod in agreement to Kilik's idea. "So be it," Gen said, "Now there's no time to lose, you may gather him and have him say his goodbyes to his loved ones. Then you both must leave soon after. Good luck." Kilik nodded and took his leave.

Afterwards Kilik went to find Paula and Susie and explain to him what the council had decided. He knew it wasn't going to be easy, but it had to be done in order for the daughters and the Phoenix Force to be safe from Bowser. He knew this day would come. Meanwhile, Paula and Susie was gazing out at the sunset in her favorite tree. He was still puzzled at what he did today and her head was spinning after finding out about her special gift. Soon he thought to himself that things couldn't get any worse, but he was wrong. He looked on as he saw the bushes nearby rustling. Then he both sighed in relief as he saw it was only Kilik. As he climbed down the tree and approached him, Susie said, "Hi Kilik, are we going for another walk in the forest? I'm definitely going to need it after the afternoon I had." "Hello sisters," Kilik said but paused with a sad look on his face making Paula look concerned for his friend,"it's not going to be just another walk, I am taking you to the man-Village." Looking concerned and a little bit shocked by this, Paula asked, "But why?" "Because Bowser is returning to this part of the forest," Kilik answered, "and he is sworn to capture you." This caused Paula to be scared by this statement. "Capture me? But why would he want to do that?" Paula asked, "I didn't do anything to him." "It's not about what you did that made him set his sights on you sisters," Kilik answered, "It's about your powers, the Phoenix Force." He further explained that the council made the decision and told him that even the pack's strength wouldn't be enough to face the fearsome villain. "Ugh! First I almost harm the forest with this power, now it gets me in even more trouble with this Bowser guy?" Susie said frustrated. Saddened by the decision yet not wanting to put the pack in jeopardy, Susie sadly nodded at what was to happen. "When are we going to leave?" "I'm afraid we have to leave tonight," Kilik answered. "Can we at least say goodbye to my family?" he asked. "Yes," Kilik answered, "They are waiting for you back at the home." The two went back to daughters's family's home to say their goodbyes.

Back at the home, Gen and Ryu explained Paula and Susie's outcome and Bowser's return to Chun-Li, Ash, and Misty. "No, I won't allow it," Chun-Li said in anger, "He is not ready to go. Paula and Susie won't be able to survive on her own out there in the forest." "I'm sorry," Gen said feeling sorry for the family, "but if Bowser is to return to the forest, Paula and Susie must leave for her own safety as well as the protection of the pack." "He's right mom," Ash said in agreement yet sad about Paula and Susie having to leave, "The pack may be strong, but not strong enough to take on Bowser." " I'm just going to miss my little bro so much," Misty added "I am going to miss daughters too, but we knew this day would come," Ryu said comforting Chun-Li, "Someday he would have to return to her own kind." "Yes," Chun-Li said in tears, "I just wish it didn't have to be so soon." Paula and Susie approached Chun-Li and started to comfort her. "It's okay mom," Susie said hugging her, "I don't want to see anyone get hurt, if this means that villain won't endanger you all then so be it. I'll come visit you guys when I get the chance." Kilik looked at this moment and smiled, but he felt bad for the group as they were saying their goodbyes. "Never forget this," Chun-Li said to him, "You are mine....mine to me and your father. No matter where you go." "Or what they may call you," Ryu added. "You will always be our son," Ryu finished. Paula, Susie and Chun-Li hugged each other again and they did the same to her Ryu. "Take care of yourself out there little bro," Ash said as the two hugged each other. "Yeah, don't miss us too much out there," Misty added. "I won't forget you guys," Paula said, "You haven't seen the last of me." As Paula, Susie and Kilik took their leave, Susie and Paula gave one last look to her family and left, but not before Kilik gave them a look. "Don't worry," he said to all of them, "I'll keep him safe." And with that, the two set off into the forest on their way to the man-village.

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