In the woods, Paula, Susie and Kilik were taking a very long walk to find the man-village. Paula started to yawn, "Kilik, I'm getting a little sleepy. Shouldn't we start back home?" Kilik replied to Paula, "Paula, this time we're not going back. I'm taking you to a man-village." "But why?" "Because Bowser has returned to this part of the forest. And he was going to capture you." "Capture me? But why would he wanna do that?" "He hates men. And Bowser is not going to allow you to grow up to become a man--just another priest with a staff." Susie stopped and talk, "Aw, we'll just explain to him that I'd never do a thing like that." Kilik become annoyed and said, "Nonsense. No one explains anything to Bowser." Susie continued with a smirk, "Well, maybe so. But I'm not afraid. And besides, I--" Kilik turn around and interrupted my sentence, "Now that's enough!" He calm himself down to let go of his anger and sighed, "We'll spend the night here. Things will look better in the morning." He look around and found a cave with a smile. He turned to me as Susie and Paula look down with disappointed face and he call out, "Susie? Paula!"  Paula and Susie heard him calling, walk towards and ask him, "What is it?" Kilik pointed out, "There's a cave! Now come on, let's get in the cave. This looks safer to sleep." He smiled at me. Paula groaned, "I don't wanna go back to the man-village and I wanna stay in the forest. I have friends and family here, even you are my best friend." Kilik told, "Oh, come on. In you go." Paula, Susie and Kilik enter the cave, dropped our sleeping bags to the ground, unroll them and put our backpacks down. Kilik got into the sleeping bag, he cover himself a blanket and told me, "Now, get some sleep. We've got a long journey ahead of us tomorrow." Paula and Susie sit down on a sleeping bag, crossed my legs, and take out my apple from my backpack as Susie said to him with a depressed look, "I--I wanna stay in the forest." He become sleepy and yawned, "Huh? You wouldn't last one day." He yawn again and fall asleep. I bite on the apple, chew and swallow it. Paula told, "I'm not afraid. I'll be fine and look out for myself." She ate an apple. Unaware of being watched, a large, three-headed snake named Tryclyde sneaking towards me with a smirk. He smiled at me, "S-s-say now, what have we here?" He stood in front of Paula and Susie, and chuckled, "Oh ho ho. It's-s-s a duo of daughters-s-s." As Paula and Susie saw him, They become annoyed, turn away from him and look at the tree. Tryclyde went to the front of me and smiled, "A lovely daughters-s-s." Susie become very mad, push him away from one hand and told, "Go away and leave me alone!" Kilik talk in his sleep, "Oh, that's just what I should do, but I'm not. Now, now, please go to sleep, sisters." Tryclyde gasp with a smile, he nodded, as he locked his eyes on both Susie and Paula and started to hypnotize the daughters. His eyes soon turned into swirling spirals of green, light blue, and teal, "Yes, s-s-sisters-s-s. Pleas-s-se go to s-s-sleep. Pleas-s-se go to s-s-sleep. S-s-sleep, little daughters-s-s. Res-s-st in peac-s-se. S-s-sleep. S-s-sleep." Paula and Susie began to drool and their eyes is now filled with hypnotized. Paula stuttered, "K-K-K-Kilik." Kilik groaned in his sleep, "Oh, now-- Now look, there's no use arguing any more. Oh! Now no more talk till morning." Tryclyde chuckled as he continued swinging the clock to hypnotized me, "She won't be here in the morning and she'll be my slave." Kilik almost opened his eyes, still sleepy and he nodded, "Hmm? Oh, yes, she will. I--" He startledly woke up, saw Tryclyde hypnotizing me and gaspped, "Tryclyde! Hold it, Tryclyde!" He smacked Tryclyde's heads making him conk his head on the wall above him and dropped his massive coils, snapping the two out of the trance. Shaking his head in pain, Tryclyde said, "Oh! My skull!" He slither towards Kilik with anger as Kilik walk backward from him, "You have have made a s-s-serious mis-s-stake, my friend. A very s-s-stupid." Kilik shooked his head with a fear, "Now, now, now, now, Tryclyde, I was--" Tryclyde interrupted his words, "Mistake!" He demanded Kilik, "Look into the clock when I'm speaking to you." Kilik begged, "Oh, please, Tryclyde!" "Both eyes, if you please." As Tryclyde hypnotized in front of Kilik's face until Kilik become hypnotized with the hypnotized in his eyes and Tryclyde smirked, "You have just sealed your doom." But before anything bad could happen to both of us, Tryclyde was suddenly yanked back.  While Tryclyde was so focused on us, he had forgotten about Susie and Paula, who had awoken after Tryclyde dropped him after getting whacked in the jaw, got out of Tryclyde’s relaxed coils and shoved them off the tree.  Tryclyde was sent spiraling and spinning around the tree, hitting some limps, before crashing to the ground.  Paula and Susie watched him fall and he soon noticed something funny. "Ah ha ha! Look, Kilik! Look, Kilik." Susie ran to Kilik, She shaked him with both hands and said, "Wake up, Kilik!" Then, Susie slapped him on the face, well, body. He woke up from the hypnotism and asked, "What happened?" Susie explained, "Tryclyde hypnotized you with eyes, I pushed out of the tree." He, Paula and Susie then turn to look at Tryclyde in a river, still wet and he got out of the river. Tryclyde growled, "Jus-s-st you wait till I get you in my coils!" he suddenly stopping. Tryclyde was confused but as he looked back, he noticed his tail was stuck in between two tall small trees. But saw something in his tail. It was a knot. Paula laughed, "Ha ha! He's got a knot in his tail!" Tryclyde imitated Paula with annoyed face, "Ha ha! He's got a knot in his tail!" He struggling to free himself. He finally got himself free, but he pulled his tail so hard that his coils collided into him and they were positioned like an accordion.  Tryclyde, not wanting to risk getting mocked again, slithered away and murmured, "Ooh, this is going to s-s-slow down by s-s-slithering." He stormed off with anger. Paula and Susie laughed even more, but stopped when I see Kilik annoyed. He responded with a smile, "So, you can look out for yourself, can you?" Susie nodded. He went into his sleeping bag, cover himself with a blanket and smiled, "So you want to stay in the forest, do you?" Susie replied madly, "Yes! I wanna stay in here, the forest!" He reply back, "Oh! Now for the last time. Go to sleep!" "Fine." Susie and Paula got into my sleeping bag, cover the blanket at my body and stay awake, still mad while Kilik is sleeping.

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