In the next morning, Kilik, Paula and Susie were still sleeping in our sleeping bags in the cave. Suddenly, a loud thumping sound echoed thru the woods. It was a line of the marching military warriors who were all being led by another leader-warrior named Rock and he's holding his baton. Also the female warrior named Cammy was on Rock's side.

They were all marching like they were in the army and they chanted:

Rock and the military warriors: Hup, two, three four!

Keep it up, two, three, four! (2x)

All this noise woke me and Kilik up. So Paula and Susie look to see what was making all the noise. It's the marching military warriors and Susie amazed, "A parade!" Kilik moaned in his sleep and covered his face with a pillow, "Oh no! The dawn patrol again." Paula and Susie stand up, exit the cave and follow the military group. "Company, sound off!" Rock called out. They all started singing.

All: Oh the aim of our patrol,

Is a question rather dull!

For to march and drill over field and hill,

Rock's military group then blew into the bugles.

Rock: Is a military goal!

All: Is a military goal!

Paula and Susie stood besides the left side of the tree, and watching Rock and the military group marching with my excited smile until they saw two daughters following the others. It was Becky and Sandra.

Now hup, two, three, four!

Dress it up, two, three, four!

By the ranks or single file,

Over every jungle mile,

Oh, we stamp and crush thru the under brush,

Becky and Sandra then blew into the bugles.

Becky and Sandra: In a military style!

All: In a military style!

Paula and Susie ran up to Becky and Sandra and began to walk beside him. "Hello, sisters. What are you doing?" Susie asked. "Shh! Marching." Becky replied whispery. "Can I do it too?" Paula ask with a whisper. "Sure, just do what we do. But don't talk. It's against regulations." Sandra told Paula and Susie whispery. Paula and Susie got behind him and began marching too. Rock shouted, "To the rear! March!" Sandra whispered to the daughters, "The other way! Turn around!" All of us turn around and marched. Rock chanted, "Hup, two, three, four! Keep it up! Two, three, four! To the rear! Ho!" They turn around and marched, except Paula and Susie without paying attention where they're marching. They stopped, turn around and ran back to the military group. Rock shouted, "Company, halt!" Paula and Susie bumped into Becky and Sandra and hit to the ground. Becky asked the daughters, "Are you alright?" "Yeah, I'm okay," Susie and Paula said getting up. "I don't think march is a good idea for you to try again," Sandra said giggling. "Agreed," Susie said. "Come on, father is about to do inspection," Becky said as they followed them, "By the way, halt means stop."

"Company, left face!" Rock shouted. Cammy and the military warriors turned to their left.

"March, march, march. My feet are killing me." Cammy murmured.

"I'm putting him for a transfer to everyone." Eric whispered to her.

"Silence in the ranks!" Rock shouted. All of the military group quieted down and stood straight. 

He shouted, "Ahem. Inspection! Arms!" We do what he said. I am the only one who has no gun. Rock began to inspect his troops. He checked on the first member of the military warriors, he examined the dusty gun of his and he responded, "A dusty gun. Soldier, remember, in battle, that gun can save your life and take good care of it."

"Yes sir!" Eric nodded. 

Rock smiled, "Very good. Carry on."

He moved onto the next member. The next one was Bo Rai Cho drinking on an alcohol and Rock didn't like it so he glared at him. "Let's have a little more spit and polish on those bayonets."

"Yes sir." Bo Rai Cho nodded.

"Espirit de Corps, That's the way I earned my commission in the Maharajah's fifth pachyderm brigade." Rock said. He then laughed and began speaking to himself, "Back in '88, it was. Uh, or was it?"

"Here it comes, the Victoria Cross bit again." Cammy murmured to herself.

"It was then I received the Victoria Cross for bravery above and beyond the call of duty. Ha ha! Those were the days." Rock told his troops.

"Discipline, discipline was the thing! Builds character, all that sort of thing." As Rock said this, he began to lean on his baton, until the end broke and almost making him fall over.

"Oh... Now where was I? Oh, yes, inspection." Rock said to himself. The next warrior he checked Kenshi had a black eye.

"Hmm, well, looking good." He said moving on. The next warrior was Lee Chaolan gave him a big grin and Rock didn't like that.

"Wipe off that silly grin soldier, this is the army!" Rock demanded, making Lee's grin fall. The warrior next to Kung Lao was watching a fly buzz around. The fly landed on the male warrior's nose and Rock smacked it with his baton.

"Eyes front!" He commanded. Kung Lao's eyes immediately shot forward. The next warrior was Parakarry had really messy hair.

"Parakarry, that haircut is against regulation. Rather on gaudy side, don't you think?" Rock made the warrior's hair stand up on end and he swatted the top part away with his knife, giving the warrior a buzz cut.

"There, that's better." Rock smiled, "and as for you..."

But the next warrior was actually Becky and Sandra. "Oh there you are," Rock said upon seeing his son, "he he he he... let's keep those heels together, shall we?

Becky and Sandra nodded before they stood straight, "Okay, father, uh... sir." 

Rock then moved to the next one is me and smiled when noticed me, "Well, a new recruit, eh? Ha ha ha!" His smile went down, he felt suspicious and asked me, "I say, what happened to your armor?"

Paula and Susie gave a puzzled looked and a chuckle as Susie said, "Wait, I'm no warrior. I'm up for being a new recruit though?" Rock asked, "Then what are you?" "We're the daughters," Paula answered. Then the entire warrior gasped. ", you're the daughters?" Becky asked, "The one that holds the power of... you know what?" "Well yeah, ironically enough we are," Susie answered. As soon as Paula and Susie said this, the entire warrior including Rock, Becky and Sandra bowed down before them. "Whoa, what's all this about?" Paula asked. "Guys," Sandra answered, "You're a living legend around these parts." "We are?" Paula and Susie asked, "Cool."

Kilik arrived when he heard what's going on and interrupted, "Hold it! I can explain, Rock!"

"Colonel Rock, if you please, sir."

"Oh, yes, yes, ahem, Colonel Rock. Paula and Susie is with me so I'm taking them back to the man-village." Kilik explained.

"Really?" Rock asked.

"Yep. You have the word of Kilik." Kilik gave him a smirk.

"But why would you leave the forest?" Becky asked, "Don't you like it here?" "I do sis," Paula answered, "But...there's this fearsome villain after me." "Yes, Bowser." Kilik added, "He is returning to the forest, and will stop at nothing to obtain daughters's powers." "Oh, sorry about hear that," Sandra answered. "Yeah, it is most likely for the best," Rock added, "You wouldn't want to be messing with the likes of that beast. Just remember, a warrior never forgets." When Paula and Susie nodded and smiled at Rock. "Huh, what is the army coming to these days. These young rascals, who do they think they are," he murmured.

Rock commanded, "Ahem. Let's get on with it! Right face!" Cammy and the military warriors turned to their right. Rock shouted, "Forward march!" They all began marching again and Cammy walked up to Rock's side.

"Um dear, aren't you forgetting something?" she asked him.

"Nonsense, Cammy," replied Rock, "a warrior never forgets."

"Well, you apparently forgot our young daughters."

"Our yo...Young Daug," exclaimed Rock upon realizing Becky and Sandra was still with Paula and Susie, "Young Daughters? Oh yes, yes, quite right."

"To the rear! March!" Rock commanded. His troops turned around and Rock walked ahead of everyone.

"When I grow up, I'm going to be a Colonel, just like my father." Becky told Susie his dreams.

"Wow. That's very nice, Becky," Susie said. "Yeah. I have a feeling you'll make a great colonel." Paula said in a sweet tone. "You'll definitely do your father proud." "Aww gee. Thanks, guys," Sandra said in an appreciative tone. "Uh, speaking of your father." Paula said nervously.

Rock arrived to Becky and Sandra and growled at them, "If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times!" Before he could finish, Becky and Sandra noticed the others were still marching towards him.

"Father, look out!" Becky and Sandra shouted but it was too late! Cammy and all the warrior troops ended up in a whole pile up.

"Gee, father, you forgot to say halt." Becky told him. 

Paula and Susie began laughing hysterically, "He said a warrior never forgets!" Paula and Susie stopped laughing to see Kilik looking annoyed.

Kilik said, "It's not funny. Let's get out of here before anything else happens. First, we need to pack up our stuff from the cave before leaving." In the cave, he, Susie and Paula pack up our things to our backpacks. We rolled our sleeping bags, strapped them to our backpacks, put them on our backs and leave from the cave. He then hop off into the woods with me close behind.

"Kilik, where are we going?" I asked.

"Now, no more running off, sisters, for now on, follow me to the man-village and I'll leave you out here a move!" Kilik answered, got onto the log that was over a river.

"Then leave, I'm not going!" Susie argued with him as they stormed away.

Sighed, Kilik hop past the trees as I stormed away from him as well.