Paula and Susie am now all by myself, still pretty mad at Kilik and as long as daughters was in the forest, I'll be happy. Then Paula and Susie became very sad and they know they felt too hard on my best friend, Kilik as Paula and Susie walk throught the woods. Paula thougth, "I know I felt sorry for him. I just wanted to make Kilik happy, but that meant leaving the place he loved the most. Ugh, this was all turning out to be a huge mess!" Paula sighed and sat down with their back to the tree. Susie put her head down, found a peach on the ground, pick it up and eat it. She was so hungry for breakfast. Meanwhile, Wendy, Jeff and Linda was wandering throughout the trees and he sang, "I love my flowers".

But you are my Best friend forever

we wont ever let that end no never You are here for me and I am here for you That's what best friends do--

They stopped singing as they saw Paula and Susie sit to the tree and stare at the daughters curiously. Wendy wondered, "Hey! What have we here?" She walks towards Paula and Susie, she take a close look at me and the daughters become bright smile real fast at Wendy. She smiled, "What a pretty little bit of a--" Before Wendy could finish, Susie began to shake their hands and said, "At your service, my child." Wendy paused and amused when he recognized me when Paula and Susie was daughters, "Oh, yes, I've seen everything in these woods. You're the daughters I've seen who became the priestess of the forest!" "Thank you very much," Paula said. Jeff commented, "Say, that's a lovely talk for a girl of your age." Susie become happy and about to twirled my arm around as she said, "Oh yeah! I'm was energy!" Susie training an speed energy. Linda said, "Wonderful. Hey, guys. You need help." As she help the daughters get up and told, "And I'm gonna learn you to train like a skill game. Now come on, Let's see what you've got." Susie and Paula ready to skill game and begins, they trained Pole Vault and Rope Balance. Wendy laughed, "Ah ha ha ha! Yeah! All right, now, girl, loosen up. Get real loose and then start to charge. Charge a little bit. Now move! That's it! Ha ha ha! Now give me a weightlifting! Try it!"  Susie tries to attempt the weightlifting, but it works. Wendy nodded herself and become joyful. She sighed, "My goodness. Here, Paula's turn to strength she was." Paula did so, she attempts it, but also works. Meanwhile, Kilik was fishing near the river until he heard everyone cheered. He gasped, "She's in good-mood! I better go find her before Bowser does!" He dropped the fishing rod, turned around and hop as fast as he could to get to Paula and Susie. Meanwhile, Paula tries to long jump, then Susie's turn. Jeff amazed, "Yeah! That's it! You did perfectly!" Susie smiled, "How's that?" When Kilik got to where he saw that it was all a false alarm. He saw Susie, Paula, Wendy, Linda and Jeff training each other. Linda laughed, "Ha, ha, ha, ya, you're getting it, girl!"  Kilik said, "Good riddance! It's Wendy, Jeff and Linda! the trio couple friends." Wendy, Jeff, Linda, Paula and Susie training around again. Jeff laughed, "Train about, now look for an opening. Keep movin', girl!" Paula tries to attempts a trampoline, but missed. Wendy laughed again, "Ha-ha! Yeah, you're getting it, girl, ha-ha. Come on, that's it. Ha-ha-ha! She's a dandy!" Paula accidentally jump off the trampoline which send me flying and hit to the log. Thud! Kilik chuckled, "Heh-heh. Fine teacher you are, you old silver referees." Linda chuckled back, "Thanks, Kilik." Kilik ask with a smile, "So, after you knock your pupil senseless, uh, how do you expect her to remember the lesson? Hmm?" This time, Paula stood up, shake her head. Jeff answered, "Well, I didn't mean to lay it on her so hard." Paula walked to Wendy, though kinda unsteadily and smiled, "I'm not hurt. I'm all right. I'm a lot smarter than some people think." Linda laughed, "Ha ha ha! That's more like it! Now let's go once more. Now you keep ciclin' or I'm gonna bounce your roof in again, you better keep movin'--" Paula jumped trampoline, it works. Wendy said, "Wonderful, you love this sports competition." Susie and Paula ran towards Wendy, Jeff and Linda and hugs them. Kilik chuckled, "Now that's all he needs. More confidence." Susie and Paula started to laugh, "We win?" Wendy smiled, "Yes, you should. Hey. You know something? You're all right, girl. What do they call you?" Kilik responded, "Their name is Paula and Susie. And they going back to the Man-village." This makes Linda surprised, "A man-village? But, you can't take her there! They'll ruin them!" Susie nodded at Kilik and suggested to Wendy, "Yes, Wendy! I wanna stay here with us!" She nodded, "Certainly you do." Kilik asked, "Oh? And just how do you think you will survive?" Linda said at him, "What do you mean 'how do you think you will'? They with us now! And we'll teach them everything we know."  Kilik chuckled, "Well, that shouldn't take too long."

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