A Jimmy Neutron Christmas Carol is a parody.


Cindy as Scrooge

Jimmy as Bob Cratchit

Sheen as Fred

Carl Wheezer as Jacob Marley

Libby as The Ghost of Christmas Past

Nick as The Ghost of Christmas Present

Mrs. Fowl as the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come

Goddard as Tiny Tim

Story and Script

(We begin in Retroville, all the buildings are decorated. Then we cut to Cindy at her money desk.)

Sheen: Merry Christmas, Cindy!

Cindy: I don't like that holiday! I say "Bah Humbug" to stars and fruitcake!

Sheen (pokes his head through wreath) Come to my parent's house on Christmas Day! And is a humbug a type of insect?

Jimmy: Maybe it's a percussion instrument!

Cindy: No, it's just an expression. Like "PU" or "Good Morning".

Cindy: I'm going home!

(Cindy is in bed.) A ghost pops up.

Carl: You will be visited by three ghosts of Christmas!

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