A Journey to the Golden Coconut Tree is an upcoming film made by Dreamworks Animation.

Voice cast

  • Ricky Gervais as Vladimir
  • Katy Perry as Helen
  • Steve Carrell as Jack the Jaguar
  • Jane Lynch as Suki Ferreira
  • Sylvester Stallone as Jake the Jaguar
  • Sofia Vergara as Mrs. Ferreira
  • Ben Kingsley as Sir. Robo-Fly
  • Danny DeVito as The Golden Coconut Tree
  • Denis Leary as Robo-Flies
  • Dick and Dom as Patch and Scratch
  • Ty Burrell as Tatch
  • as Kyle
  • Jennifer Lopez and Julianne Moore as Ashley and Julia
  • Isla Fisher as Dr. Matilda
  • Morgan Jordan as Don
  • TBA as Quiz Master
  • TBA as George


"Time to Pull Out the Big Guns" Scene

  • Vladimir: What? Vines?
  • Helen: Now we will never make it to the golden coconut tree.
  • Vladimir: Well, I guess it's time to pull out the big guns.
  • Helen: Guns? How are guns gonna get us pass these vines?
  • Vladimir: Not guns, silly. Dynamite. But first, a need a lighter. Have you got one Helen?
  • Helen: Believe or not, I do!
  • Vladimir: Thanks. Gently... gently... gently. There, all lit up. Now, I'll throw it down. 
  • Helen: Exactly, when's it gonna blow up?
  • Vladimir: In about 5 seconds, so we better HIDE!!!!! FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!
  • Helen: Vladimir, the path's clear so we can... proceed? Vladimir! What the heck are you doing?
  • Vladimir: Playing RoadBlasters on my Gameboy. I can also play arcade games on it.
  • Helen: Well, put it away, we got a journey to get back too. Remember?
  • Vladimir: Alright, let's carry on.

"The Chase" Scene

  • Elvis: Don't worry guys. I will get you to that tree as quick as I c- 
  • Vladimir: Ahh! What was that?
  • Jack the Jaguar: (cackles) Say your prayers!
  • Vladimir: Jack! I knew you were up to something!
  • Jack the Jaguar: I am and you better start moving fast, cause... the chase is on!
  • Vladimir: OK, Elvis take us to the nearest place where Jack can't find us.
  • Elvis: You got it Vladimir.
  • Jack the Jaguar: Hey, come back little guys! Come on, don't you wanna see... my rapid shooting gatling gun?!
  • Helen: Look out!
  • Jack the Jaguar: (cackles) Huh? Aw, darn.
  • Vladimir: He's given up! Now's our chance to escape.
  • Jack the Jaguar: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Ah, ha!
  • Helen: Hmm? What the heck?!
  • Jack the Jaguar: Rest in peace.
  • Elvis: Uh oh. Ow! Going dooooooooowwwwwwwwnnnn...
  • Vladimir and Helen: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... oh!
  • Elvis: Oh!
  • Vladimir: Aww, my head! But it was worth it and now, time to get rid... of this. Direct hit.

"I Tweeting Hate You" Scene

  • Don: Help! I'm stuck in glue and it's very sticky!
  • Kyle: (gasps) Don't worry Don! I'll get you out of there.
  • Don: Wait, Kyle stop! Don't!
  • Kyle: What the... Oh my! My wings are stuck to the glue. (groans) My beak is stuck aswell. And now my feet are stuck to the glue aswell.
  • Don: I tweeting hate you.

"Jake Tells Vladimir the Robo-Flies' Weakness" Clip

  • Jake the Jaguar: You see guys, these Robo-Flies are no match against the mighty, powerful Jake the Jagua-
  • (everyone gasps)
  • Jake the Jaguar: Ooh! Ah!
  • Jack the Jaguar: (cackles)
  • Vladimir: Jake! NO! Jake.
  • Jake the Jaguar: (groans) My buddy Vladimir, come closer. I'm sorry my part of the battle has come to an end.
  • Vladimir: But, we can't let you die.
  • Jake the Jaguar: It may be too late. But, I know there is a way to defeat all the Robo-Flies altogether. You see, insects are attracted to light. So, if had a magnifying glass, you could use the sun to shine some light towards the volcano and they might fly into it. 
  • Vladimir: (gasps) That's it. We know what to do now.
  • Jake the Jaguar: Well done. Good, luck... (groans)
  • Vladimir: No. No.

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