A Lost Claus

It’s Christmas time at Foster’s, and Mac and Bloo are thinking about Santa Claus and all the presents they’ll receive this year, when who should show up at the door but Santa himself! Actually, it was just the first of many imagined Santas that need to be registered.
This gets Mac wondering, is there really a Santa Claus? Just then, Mr. Herriman hops in and announces that this year each friend will only be able to receive one present, because all their bills are overdue. This really scares Bloo, and he later gets determined to change Mr. Herriman’s mind, but first he helps Mac prove that Santa does exist.
Bloo tries to prove that Santa exists by having Wilt travel around the world in an afternoon, and having Eduardo go down the chimney. Macand Bloo also go to the mall to see Santa, but end up getting Coco fired from her job of being the mall’s Santa. Later, at night, Wilt still hasn’t returned from his trip and Eduardo is stuck in the chimney.
Now Bloo is ready to change Mr. Herriman’s mind about the friends only receiving one present each by dressing up as three ghost characters from Christmas past, present and future while Mr. Herriman’s in bed. Bloo tried to convince him to get more than one present for each friend, but the rabbit misinterpreted him and got rid of all the presents so no one would get any presents on Christmas.
Mac is starting to believe that there isn’t a Santa Claus, but tries one last test. He says that he needs a sign to know that Santa exists, and that if Santa just brings him some underwear, then he’d know that Santa does exist.
Christmas morning comes, and Mac looks under the tree only to find no underwear. All upset, he heads to Foster’s only to find Wilt and Eduardo back and presents for everyone! Including underwear for Mac! Bloo got coal.

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