A Medical Mayhem is a custom Season 3 episode of Pokemon and Digimon At The Puzzle League.


  • In this 2002 episode, during the middle of the battle, Ash begins to hurt his spleen and there is no Pokemon Center for miles. So Brock, Ralph, Nelson, Damian, Alex Davis, Koji, Ken, Tai, Matt, Takato, Henry, Izzy, Joe, Marcus, Thomas, Bailey, Marina, Krystal, Chigusa, Rebecca, Serena, Mina, Raye, Lita, Amy, The Kratt Sisters, The Hiiragi Twins, Mary, Wilhelmina, Koga, Master Fung, Team Rocket, Team Kiwi, Surge, Blaine, Bruno, Mikey, Jeremy, Christopher, Timon, Pumbaa, Mordecai and Rigby take him to a nearby hospital and they meet up with Dr. Anna (from Hassle In The Castle) and Dr. Proctor (from A Chansey Operation). Brock begins to flirt with Anna, only to have Alex Davis grab his ear and pull him away from her. Mary tells Anna that her brother has hurt his spleen and an idea came. Soon, Ash is given an I.V. and as he stays with the others, The Gangreen Gang appear. Discovering that Ash has hurt his spleen, they take him to the emergency room for a removal. However, Ash's spleen is nowhere to be found, shocking The Gangreen Gang. The spleen Ash got appears and soon Jessie and James send The Gangreen Gang packing. Soon, Ash feels a lot better and resumes his battle with Gary. Note: Team Sesame are absent.



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