A Midsummer's Nightmare is the episode 11 of the fourth season of the science fiction television show Lexx. It aired on January 25, 2002.

This episode is loosely based on Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.


It begins with Stanley & Kai transporting Xev's perfect corpse to The Feast of Mograth in order to have her reanimated, as vaguely promised by Uther (in the previous episode). Upon arriving at the feast they are ensnared in King Oberon's devious plot to marry someone (anyone).

Kai is rendered defenseless by Oberon's powerful magic. He is turned into a happy, joyful, tree thing, joining many other tree-people singing an endless song in praise of Oberon.

Xev turns down Oberon and is eventually turned into a tree herself, and then Oberon turns to Stan (being more his type). After initially being tempted, Stan decides that Oberon is perhaps not his type. Titania saves the day by tricking Oberon into marrying her/him again for eternity.


  • This fourth season episode is the first of the entire series to not be written by the show's original creative crew (nicknamed "The Supreme Beans" by the show's fans). It is also the first episode to employ magic as a plot element (as opposed to the science-fiction weirdness of previous episodes). In terms of fan reaction, it proved to be a particularly controversial episode in a controversial season.
  • This episode has a very unusual take on the fairy lore from A Midsummer Night's Dream, with the fairy queen Titania depicted as a male little person in a long-term but unhappy homosexual relationship with Oberon. Puck as depicted here is not so much mischievous as extremely effeminate and a bit sassy, and is, if anything, the voice of reason in the Oberon camp.

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