• Mr. Grumpy as Ebenezer Scrooge
  • Mr. Rude as Jacob Marley
  • Little Miss Naughty as Belle
  • Mr. Happy as Bob Cratchit
  • Little Miss Sunshine as Emily Cratchit
  • Mr. Bump as Fred The Nephew
  • Mr. Small as Tiny Tim
  • Mr. Quiet as Peter Cratchit
  • Mr. Nervous and Mr. Tickle as The Charity Gentlemen
  • Mr. Tickle as The Ghost of Christmas Past
  • Mr. Scatterbrain as The Ghost of Christmas Present
  • Little Miss Scary as The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come
  • Little Miss Whoops as Clara
  • Mr. Noisy as Mr. Fezziwig


`When Mr. Grumpy isn't convinced about Christmas, he has a visit from 3 ghosts."


Narrator: Ah, Christmas. A jolly time of the year. Everyone is looking forward to fun, presents and feasts. But not Mr. Grumpyneezer Scrooge.

(Cut to Mr. Grumpy's counting house/office.)

[Bell dings]

Mr. Bump: Merry Christmas, Mr. Grumpy! And God save you!

Mr. Grumpy: I don't need Christmas.

Mr. Bump: But Christmas is the most wonder-

Mr. Grumpy: BAH, HUM-BUG!

Mr. Bump: What is a humbug, an insect?

Mr. Happy: Maybe it's a brass instrument! (Holds up brass instruments poster with trumpet, tuba, trombone, cornet, french horn, bugle, bass trombone and the word "humbug" written on it from a purple marker)

Mr. Grumpy: Get back to work, Hapacratchet!

Mr. Grumpy: No, I'm good at this humbugging. It's an expression of contempt like "PU" or "Seize the day". "Bah, Hum Bug!" Get it?

Mr. Bump: Got it.

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