The First Age

The age is 2000 ABY and the galaxy is split three ways. One side is of the Republic, another is other is of the Imperial Remnant, and the other is of the Templar Legion. The Chancellor, Sol, of the New Republic set out a campaign to stop the Templar Legion from invading Republic space. The Templar Legion led by Overlord Aton was gathering in the Unknown Regions, just how many planets they had under their control was an enigma. The Imperial Renant led by Emperor Viridian Strith was also in battle with the Legion since the Outer rim which they controlled was nearest to the Unknown Regions.

On Wayland they two factions met in a fierce squirmish. Lord Viridian himself battled in the front line his troops on the Wayland surface to build morale. The remnant used their assortments of Imperial Stormtroopers and a few sith warriors who pledged their alligence to the Remnant as the Legion used their super driods they manufactored at an unknown planet. The war lasted for three weeks before Viridian led the charge to the droid stronghold shattering their connection with the droid ships in space. The battle of Wayland was won, but the war was far from over however this time it was the Republic's turn.

It was Thyferra's turn. The Templar Legion hoed to knock out Thyferra in setting a chain reaction in also wipping out the Republic's supply of Bacta. The Republic was warned of their threat by a few Remnant officials who thought the Legion was bad enough that they decided to set aside their differences and fight them as allies. The new Allied Union sent forces to Thyferra to defend the Bacta supply. The Legion however sent a decoy to the planet with many ships though so it looked like it was the real army. Chancellor Sol and Emperor Strith sent their top forces to Thyferra.

The templar Legions was much bigger then they had assumed. Two much larger forces went sent to the defenseless Coruscant and Bastion. The forces they sent on Thyferra were quite formidable. The Allied Union had a tough time fighting the battle droids, but it made worse news when the Emperor recieved word that Coruscant and Bastion were being attacked by an even larger force, but the Emperor saw this more as an opprotunity. The Chancellor had recieved word about this when the Emperor approached him to do a kamakazi attack on the Droid ships. Sol knew this plan had a high risk, but had no choice, the droid defense sheilds were much to strong for lasers and they only way to get rid of them was ramming them. Sol agreed and sent most of ships to hit the droid ships. The Emperor loved this plan and said his ships will do the same, he lied.

Emperor Strith insecret sent his apprentice Luna Pendragon to reclaim Bastion from the Legion while he went to take Coruscant. When Sol began his ramming he was stunned. The Emperor ships were not present at all meaning their werent enough to break all the driod ships. It was even worse finding out the entire Remnant abandoned Thyferra the night before. Sol was left defending his faction's Bacta supply with a shortage of ships by himself.

At Coruscant, the Emperor personally sent most of his fleet to claim the planet in the name of the Imperial Remnant. The Legion had sent their very best ships to Coruscant and Bastion so really victory was a near impossible feat, but Viridian offered a truce with the Legion. Aton didnt believe the Emperor at first, but when he handed over the key cards to the ships Aton gracefully allowed him in the Legion. Aton was fooled however, the keycards was viruses made to disrupt the driods programming frying them. When Aton inputted the keycards his army was rendered useless and scrap. Aton was enraged by this trickery and challenged the Emperor to a duel which he accepted.

With the driod army useless both Luna and Sol attained victory on Bastion and Thyferra. Sol was in a fiery rage finding out Viridian had taken control of Coruscant and rallied his frces to go and retake the Republic capitol. Luna hwoever was already present at the Viridian vs Aton duel on the Imperial flaghship. Both were formidable force users in the duel. Viridian delaed with his illusions and trickery while Aton focused on his dark force power. The deul lasted long, but in the end Viridian used Aton's rage to blind Aton himself in the fight. Viridian overcame and slew Aton in the duel ending the Templar Legion once and for all.

Sol wasnt finished however, with the troops he had rallied he made an assault on Coruscant when Viridian least expected it. Viridian wouldnt let Coruscant from his grasp so easily. He ordered his apprentice and most of his forces to infiltrate Sol's main camp and ship. It was a complete failure though. Sol needed Coruscant and was not going to let Viridian win. Sol cleverly placed ysalmiri on the decoy ship capturing Luna then holding her for Coruscant. Viridian needed Luna, but didnt want to give Coruscant for her knowing the Remnant was disfavor him if he did. So he continued his assauolt on Republic forces intent on keeping Coruscant.

Sol was not amused by this move and instead tried to sell Luna to the Hutts which was stopped by the Jedi Order claiming the girl was misled bu the Emperor and instead took her in. One jedi, Andrian Droma, knew he had to defeat Viridian not because he was Emperor, but because of the family he belonged to. Working with the Republic the Chancellor dispatched a team of soldiers and Jedi to assault the Senate building which Viridian resided. The attack was a success for the will of the Republic was much stronger thein the Imperial's. Soon the entire building was in it's own war. Andrian himself dueled Viridian in the Senate main chamber where meetings reside.

Sol overcame much of the remnant forces and was able to march into the Senate Building with his forces in the heat of the fight. Viridian knew even if he won the fight he would not be able to leave Coruscant alive so he took the fall giving his blessing to Luna hopping she would rule greater then he. In the year 2102 ABY Emperor Viridian Strithicus was struck down in the middle of the Senate Building. Beofre his death he swore to Sol that one day someone in his name will com and take his precious Republic. Sol laughed at this and celebrated his victory over the Remnant and the final destruction of the templar Legion.

Luna Pendragon was still in the hold of the Jedi at the time, but felt it in the force when Viridian was finished off. Luna and those loyal to the Remnant knew she was next to be Empress. A squad of Sith loyalists assaulted the Temple rescuing the Empress before the Remnant was finally forced out of Coruscant and back into the Outer rim.

On that very day Luna was crowned Empress the new age of imperlism had begun...

~Written by Sirius™

Age of Imperialism

The year was 2001 ABY when this notable age began. Both the Republic and Imperial Remnant were ravaged by war and needed to be regroupted back in their own boundaries. The Republic slowly rebuilt itself, but the Remnant were having more problems because of a sudden leadership changed, but the new Empress was intent on keeping order.

She began a series of conquests to Naboo and Csilla knowing her triumphant tone will usher in this new age of the Empire. however many problems arose with the Sith wanting their own name carved into history. under the leaderhsip of Darth Rathos the Sit and Imperials clashed in a fiery episode. Losses were extreme on both sides, but in the battle of Bothawui the Imperials shattered the Sith order killing the Dark Lord and making the order known existant in this age.

Luna had only begun this age having already shattered the sith. On her conquest to Naboo she ran into problems with the Grey jedi and their master Valen who was a great thron in her side. Empress Luna quickley tackled him from the inside killing his family and smashing most of her fleet into the Naboo planet side abandoning the planet to be rebuilt by the Republic who she roughly ignored, but because of this Empress Luna had to recall her forces from Csllia knowing her number was sifficient to preserve the empire and attack the chiss at the same time.

The Empire went on a hiatus to recollect itself from the ravaged fleet and army. New officials such as Apadamek Romanov came to join gaining Luna's immediate dislike. More emissaries knowing the EMpire was much stronger in power then the Republic came to offer up such as the remaining Sith lord Darth Mardak and Anna Evenworst. Again Luna disliked most because of their snobbish attitude to humble obode.

Rushing to gain her forces and favor Luna relaunched her campaign to take Csilla which was a complete success due to Apamdake brillient tactics to taking it. Mass genocide was ordered onto the CHiss. Luna however spent a few nights on ehr newly conquered territory celebrating the victory and executing much Chiss in the process because of them wanting her out. However due to dwindling profits and increasing rebellion Luna was forced to set fire to the Chiss main capitol and abandon the planet.

Upon her leaving of Csilla Luna learned Apadamek's attack team went to Ord Mantell without her knowledge and was under heavy fire. THey begged her to send help, but Luna ignored them saying they should have not went behind her back. Apadamek was infuriated learning his team was all killed and Luna wouldnt help them. but he surpressed his anger knowing Luna was much too powerful to be overthrown just yet.

The Republic knew of this increasing amoutn of Imperialism and conquering planets, but because of their economy they couldnt get the forces fast enough to defend. Luna was on a roll attacking three more planets just for the heck of it. However Luna's days soon came to a close when she was alone in her garden just outisde the palace. Apadamek along with a few of his men attacked and sent the young Empress in a coma leaving the throne vacant which he himself occupied. Luna's age was over.

Apadamek bombarded Ord Mantel as revenge for his fallen comrads and promoted a campaign to finish the weakening Republic. However planets such as Dubrillion, Hapes, Trantor, and Ithor had been overun by new Imperials wanting to carve an age for themselves. THese Imperials were Slotovich, Pondoro, treize, Milliardo, the real Apadamek, and Mariemaia. These Imperials formed the Council of The Six and were ravaging much of known space which the Republic and the EMpire left untouched gaining power and adding to the age of Imperilists.

The Six set it sights on the Empire wanting to get that out of the way so the Republic definetly couldnt stand up to them. The fake Apamdake who used the name to get where he was in the Empire was assassinated by his own guards who cleverly switched with thei Six's own forces. The Imperial Remnant was quickley disolved as the Six claimed it as their own.

THe liitlest member who was Mariemaia set her sights on the comatosed Luna who was being kept alive. Having found the thought to be missing Imperial Empress her resurfacing made headlines. A few of her loyalists found out that she was alive and quickley recused her when the night rolled around. The is mattered not to the Six however having gain majority supremacy in the galaxy so they let Luna go with out a fuss.

Around this time the Jedi were starting to remerged from the shattered heap from the trio war in the First Age. They made a comeback in the galaxy having named the new grandmaster Jean Konar. The Jedi were expected to retake affairs and hopefully begin to stabilize this world again, however the galaxy would be an unlikely source.

The Six had already taken the Empire's planets and Dantooine to add onto it, but inner conflicts between the council began to emerged. Civil war broke out on the plains of Dantooine as the real Apadamek and treize fought again Mariemaia, Slotovich, and Milliardo. The trio overcame Apadamek and Treize, but Mariemaia wanting revenge humiliated Apadamek enough for him to commit suicide.

Treize met his end at the Six battle station trying to kill the neutral Pondoro, but ended in blowing himself where surrendered by Pondoro's troops. This was all apart of another plot though. The littilest member Mariemaia had pit the council members against each other intentionally.She had her troops secretly murder both Milliardo and Slotovich. When she turned her attention to Pondoro he quickley submitted to her will not wanting to be apart of her wrath. Mariemaia destroyed the council and combined the Remnant and the Six's spoils to form her own Galactic Sphere United Nation under her supreme rule bringing a close to the age of Imperiists and the start of the Age of Mariemaia.

Age of Mariemaia

Only two major powers remained in the galaxy at this age. Mariemaia's Untied Nation and the New Republic. After estabilishing her power Mariemaia sought alliance with already powerful factions such as the Sith and Jedi before she looked at the prize of total domination over the Republic.

Dark Ages

After the fall of the Kingdom of Mariemaia the galaxy plunged into the Dark Ages

Age of Reconstruction

After the age of Darkness, galactic factions were all War torn and almost depleted of all resources from the galactic wide anarchy. The Kingdom was brought back up from none other than the child of Mariemaia Strith, Cyrus Celine Strith. With his help of his second cousin Calson Strith, the son of the Dark Lord Haden Strith, the galaxy was finding an age of unity and peace. The only real last threat was the Sith empire, which owned the whole Outer Rim and parts of the Mid Rim at this time. The Sith were finally united under Dark Lord Haden Strith and Haden set in motion in capturing the rest of the galaxy.

For ten years a war was fought between the Kingdom and the Sith Empire with both sides barely gaining a thing. Haden, slowly gaining distrust from the Sith council, dissolved the Sith Council and gave him absolute power over the Sith. Long did the rest of the Sith know Haden was going mad and insane form his past mentor Darth Carnage, who was presumed to be dead. It would not take long before Haden could crack.

Cyrus and Calson Strith knew the Calson’s father Haden was going insane and that he needed to be stopped. There was no way how to stop him, considering Haden’s master of the dark side and great strategy for combat. However they did not need to think of something for long. Haden soon showed up at Coruscant with the whole Sith fleet, leaving all other planets defenseless. This was a bold, but insane mood for Haden. Calson knew that there was only one way to defeat a fleet that size…Calson had to kill his own father.

Calson boarded Haden’s Super Star Destroyer and engaged in a duel with the Dark Lord. He battle was fierce but Calson was defeated. He was no much for his father’s prowess. Even though Haden was evil and twisted he could not kill his own son. Calson took Haden’s hesitation as the chance to call his light saber back into his hand and ignited it into Haden’s chest. Haden fell to the ground mortally wounded. He then warned Calson to get away from the fleet as far as possible.

When Calson flew his starfighter as far as he could without leaving Coruscant, Haden told every Star Destroyer to self destruct itself. When not many Admirals did what he asked, he gave the self destruct sequence and the whole Sith fleet, including the Sith army was destroyed, leaving the Sith Empire vulnerable for the taking.

With the Sith empire destroyed the Kingdom decided to take back the planets. However with Cyrus being under tremendous pressure under the press he resigned as King. Calson was offered the throne but turned it down but stayed and worked as a General for the military. It was then that the Kingdom was restored to the Republic. The Republic would soon reconstruct itself and united the Core and Mid Rim parts of the galaxy.

Age of the Dark Wars

For years the Republic had grown to great size. Many systems once again rejoining the Republic. The Sith seeming leaderless, was posed as no threat to the growing Republic. Finally there seemed a beacon of light that the galaxy would by united once more, but that was all a dream.

Chiss-Mando War

An ancient and powerful Sith Lord, Darth Carnage, finally stepped up and proclaimed himself as Dark Lord. His power was so legendary and extraordinary that many leaders bowed to him. Carnage, finding this an opportunity to rebuild the Sith, started recruiting, and even kidnapping to replenish the Sith ranks. He was even to get his hands on Kamino and was able to place an order for a Clone army along with a fleet to be built. Even though this was all going on at one time, the Republic, even the Jedi were too distracted with a conflict in the outer rim.

In order to further obliterate the Republic, the Chiss had given up most of their territories to the Mandalorians so that they may grow while the Chiss retain their seclusion. However this soon backfired after the Mandalorians were unable to get within the Inner rim. The Mandalorians felt disgraced and the Chiss began to regre their decisions. In anger, the mandalorians waged war against the Csillian system. The Chiss were outnumbered thus they enlisted the help of anybody to help them defeat the Mandalorian swine.

Phage, a darksider and royalty to the planet Csilla was able to convince Sybilla Strith, for her massacre of Jedi on Ilum, to help her against the Mandalorian. Sybilla liked any Sith so she helped the moment Phage asked. The Chiss set up a decoy fleet away from the Csilla so the Mandalorians would think it was their main fleet and attack, which they ended up doing. While the Mandalorians were distracted, Phage set up the best defenses she could put together on Csilla so she'd be ready for the Mandalorian invasion.

The Jedi caught wind of this conflict and decided to come to the aid of the Mandalorians to get rid of the two most public and ruthless sith there. The Mandalorians welcomed their former enemies as allies. After a series of battles and conflicted in the Csilla system, the Mandalorians and Jedi made it to the capital planet. Phage was prepared however. When the massive invasion came, the defenses were able to wipe out a lot of the Mandalorians, but not enough to prevent them from touching ground along with the Jedi.

Sybilla was quite happy with this turn out, using her powers and skills she attacked any and all Mandalorians and Jedi in her way while Phage commanded her Chiss fleet. This battle rampaged throughout Csilla, the planet hadn't seen so much Carnage since the Empire's occupation during the Age of Imperialism. It raged on for days nearly destroying the ice planet itself. Though it didn't end there. In attempt to end both the threat of Chiss and Mandalorian occupation, the Republic interfered. Phage hadn't counted on this. Too many ships were packed into a small system, it was a disaster

The Chiss forces were annihilated under the weight of the Mandalorians and Republic armadas. Phage continued to fight a losing battle no matter what. It was near end game the Chiss were able to convince the Republic to help them and destroy the Mandalorians if they surrendered a few planets in the Chiss system to them, it was a hard decision, but it was either that or be destroyed. The Republic accepted. However it was not that easy, the Jedi wouldn't help the Republic or Chiss if they were allied with a woman who out to destroy them all so in order to get the Jedi on her side Phage ordered all troops to fire on Sybilla.

Sybilla was enraged by this betrayal and wouldn't die without taking many with her. With the Mandalorians, Republic, Jedi, and Chiss against her, her fate seemed sealed. Sybilla went in to a mad frenzy and killed all she saw leading to a brutal battlefield on Csilla's icy wasteland of a surface. Sybilla's powers seemed unstoppable, so Phage finally ordered her capital's ships cannons to fire onto her even though many Chiss and Jedi soldiers still remained where she was. It was a cold choice, but it had to be done. Phage's ship fired creating a huge explosions that rocked the planet itself.

For two hours the great war of Csilla stopped in silence to the explosion that happened. Sybilla along with many couragious warriors were instantly terminated. Nonetheless, Phage's deed was deemed heroic. Phage remained cold and continued the war. The tide turned since the explosion and the Mandalorians were finally and brutally defeated by the Chiss-Republic alliance. Csilla was in ruins and shambles, it's once great empire was in pieces. However where destruction is cause a new beginning is forged. The Republic was weakened, but became the single galactic power. The Chiss would remain allies with them. The Mandalorians were shot and in shambles as well. Inorder to keep their planets they entered an alliance with the Republic as well, to aid whenever the Republic called.

Phage was left picking up the pieces of the Csillian system. Csilla was ruined, but it could be rebuilt. The crater that formed after the huge explosion would serve as a monument to the Chiss who gave their lives to defend their home against invading forces. However rumors surfaced that Sybilla somehow survived, but that was quickly stomped after pieces of her fabric clothing, her eye patch, and lightwhip was found buried in the ice glacier. Csilla would quietly remain out of galactic affairs until it was fully rebuilt.

New Sith War

After construction the new Sith Empire was ready for action. Carnage led a massive Armada into the galaxy, tearing apart the hard worked peace the Republic worked so hard to build. It would not take long for the Republic to engage this new threat and the Jedi soon followed the Republic to battle led by Jedi Grand Master Dagon Oparus. Darth Carnage would not just conquer, but squash planets he took over. Leaving no evidence the Republic was even there. The Sith pushed back the Republic, even with the help of the Jedi the Republic could not stand against the Sith. It would seem the republic would collapse once more.

Calson Strith, after resigning form the military, came back and was named Supreme Commander by the Chancellor. With Calson being known as even a more brilliant tactician than his father, he would be a valuable asset. When he joined the tide seemed to have turned. Calson, along with fighting beside the Jedi, did what seemed to be the impossible, push the Sith back. Darth Carnage made a move towards Genian, in which most of the ships and technology the Republic used came from. This was also home planet to Calson and to Grand Master Oparus.

Darth Carnage went with a massive fleet, compared to what the Republic went in with. Even though the Republic seemed to be making a comeback, it’s number of forces was still small compared to the Sith Empire. Darth Carnage pushed them hard but Calson gained the upper hand when the Mandalorians came to help the republic. It was then that the huge fleet Carnage had sent was almost completely destroyed. This battle was soon to be called the Great Battle of Genian.

Battle after Battle the Sith seemed to be getting weaker as the Republic seemed to be getting stronger, however politics got in the way and demanded the Republic to focus on defending itself rather then defeating the weakened Sith. After great argument the senate finally won and was about to withdraw all fleets form the lines and start defending the Republic. It was when Calson made an appearance to the Senate did the Republic continue going to war.

The Republic chased after the Sith Empire, once again the Sith seemed to be almost destroyed, but there was one more threat. Everyone in the galaxy knew that the Sith would never be truly defeated until the ancient Sith Lord Darth Carnage was killed, the question was how do you kill a Sith Lord that hasn’t died for 25,000 years. Calson was determined to find out.

The republic was ready to make the final move against the Sith on the planet of Korriban, where the remainder of the Sith took their last stand. Calson sought out the ancient Oracle Ashca, rumored to be older than Darth Carnage himself and also rumored that she was the one who taught him his ability of “immortality”. Ashca provided Calson with an important clue, telling him that he needed to make Carnage let go…of course let go of what he did not know yet.

The Republic finally engaged in an all on assault on Korriban expecting easily to defeat the rest of the Sith. However it was not as easy as it seemed. Darth Carnage revealed that there was a much larger fleet behind the planet all along, and the Republic was once again facing defeat until Calson came and landed on Korriban. He and a Republic task force also accompanied by Jedi and Mandalorians landed on Korriban and chased down Darth Carnage. Calson however was led in a trap and was separated by the Jedi and his task force. Darth Carnage quickly engaged in a fight with Darth Carnage. The two fought endlessly, Calson not being able to defeat Darth Carnages techniques, and Darth Carnage just toying with the boy. Calson kept getting transmissions of the Republic fleet taking costly damage. He knew he had to fight a little faster. Then he remembered what Ashca told him, but he did not know what she meant.

Calson’s light saber was soon hit out of his hands and he was at the mercy of Darth Carnage, Darth Carnage was about to give one last blow until Calson heard a whisper to say a woman’s name…Jasmine. Calson said it and Darth Carnage stopped instantly. Calson then soon remembered in the history books of the Oparus family of Run and Jasmine Oparus. He then realized the Darth Carnage was Run and Jasmine was his love he had betrayed for his immortal power. After much arguing Calson helped Carnage realize that Jasmine was waiting for him before she became one with the force and that it was not too late to redeem himself. Carnage let go and soo his body became a wave of light. Anyone consumed by the dark side would soon by dissolved and the Sith fleet crushed into nothing. A mysterious sight for all who saw.

Calson returned to Coruscant as a hero, but he realized that the Republic was only strong if they had a strong leader. Since he had all Military powers and the military was loyal to him, he seized the Republic and reformed it with his military might. He made it once against the United Sphere and placed himself as ruler and established a dynasty that lasted among the ages.

Second Age of Imperialism

The age after Calson establishing himself as Galactic King. Here he made ties with the Jedi and the Sith have been pushed into shadow. At this time Calson was able to unite the galaxy all the way to the Outer Rim before his death, in which his son took over the throne. This age is still in progress.

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