A New Friend On The Block is the twenty third episode of the third Season of Misty's Greatest Adventures (CWFamily's version). It aired on February 12, 2000.


  • As we begin this episode, Marina is having a hard day cleaning her house. She is wearing pink rubber gloves and discovers an idea to speed herself up. So she did and she goes in a super time lapse by cleaning the house. She then grabs her Kathy outfit and opaque white tights and changes to it. Soon, Marina hears the door ringing and goes downstairs with her pet cat Matthew. When she opens the door, Will Vandom (from W.I.T.C.H.) has appeared. She is wearing a Lavender shirt, a dark blue mini skirt, opaque pink tights and light red flats. Marina takes Will to the park to take a relaxation. Soon, the two discover that being close friends is an easier job. They go to the gymnasium and remove their shoes. They meet Will's best friends Molly Baker (from Sailor Moon) and Cammy White (from Street Fighter Alpha: The Series). Molly has her Who Is That Masked Man outfit and blue tights while Cammy wears a baby blue shirt, a green mini skirt, purple tights and black boots. Marina is feeling pleased that she has always been a nice girl. When she gets home, she removes her Kathy outfit and white tights and changes back to her normal outfit and her white stockings. She then puts Matthew to her lap and sings I Love You to him as the episode finishes.



  • Misty, Sakura and Trinity don't appear in this episode.
  • Will Vandom, Molly Baker and Cammy White make their first appearances.
  • This is the first time Marina sings a Barney and Friends song to Matthew.
  • This is the episode where Time Lapse is used. It shows Marina cleaning up the house while music from the Zoboomafoo episode Fling plays (when The Kratt Brothers clean up animal junction).
  • Will Vandom is voiced by Kelly Stables.
  • Molly Baker is voiced by Mary Long.
  • Cammy White is voiced by Lisa Ann Beley.


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