Sneak Peek

Misty: Hey, look on the bright side. Since your Wis took damage from Speed World 2, you don't lose any of your type counters. Your finished soon in two moves anyway.

Ghost: And I'll make you pay with it. I use the item Spark Breaker. It destroys all the Steel Pokemon I have out.

Misty: Wha? Why would you want to destroy your own Pokemon.

Ghost: Because, when Wis is unable to battle except by a Normal attack, I can bring out Machine Emperor Wisel from this one Poke Ball.

Misty: Unnnnhhhh!! Huh? No! Staryu. Psyduck, Detect! No way! What's happening? AAaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ash: Huh?


Misty: Ah! Ungh! Oof!

(Pokemon Center)

Ash: So Misty took on the Ghost with only 2 of her Pokemon?

Brock: Well according to Nurse Joy, she's well bruised up.

Misty: Uh.

Ash: The Ghost did this?

Misty: Yes. Watch out. Anything but Normal types are useless.

Sneak Peek 2

Ghost: Fool. Don't you know, when my Wis is destroyed except by a Normal attack, all other Pokemon I have out are unable to battle, but I get to call out my Wisel along with Wisel Top, Wisel Attack, Wisel Guard and Wisel Carrier from this one Poke ball.

Ash: Impossible. Five Pokemon from one Poke Ball?

Ghost: That depends on how you look at it. I use the special ability of my Machine Emperor Wisel. (Fusion Sequence) Hahahahahahaha!

Ash: Huh?

Ghost: From five comes one and now your're done.

Ash: So much for payback for Misty.

To be continued...

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