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Dawn: What in the world? That 1 Pokemon is made up of five different Pokemon from 1 Poke Ball?

Brock: Better yet, all we know is that thing with the Ghost is responsible for Misty's loss and injury and maybe the others. Ash better crash it before he ends up crashing.

Ash: Alright Pikachu, zap that Machine Emperor with Thunderbolt.

Ghost: Go, Wisel Guard!


Ash: He protected that 1 Pokemon?

Ghost: I bring you Blastoise. Nothing like using Pokemon as spare parts as I'm using it as Wisel Guard 3.

Brock: He repaired his own Pokemon?

Ghost: Well if it isn't Ash Ketchum. The one who defeated Team Rocket's leader Giovanni.

Ash: So is this what you're about. Crashing nearby trainers.

Ghost: Not exactly, I'm here to finish what Team Plasma started by...

Ash: Seprating Pokemon from their trainers forever.

Ghost: And this is my secret weapon. Wisel, use your ability!

Ash: Pikachu!

Ghost: Its too late Ash. You're Pikachu is about to become another gear in my Machine Emperor.

Brock: Did you see that? His Pokemon...

Dawn: Has been trapped.

Ash: Pikachu, no.


Misty: Watch out. Anything but Normal types are useless.


Ash: Misty tried to warn me. This is what she meant. Anything but Normal types are useless because the Ghost can capture them.

Ghost: And I'll start by getting out Charizard. That does mean I lose Wisel Attack from my emperor but I get to use him as Wisel Attack 3. Why would I do such a thing? Because it makes my emperor stronger and a Water type as well. And now I'll use the new attacks to lay waste to you!

Ash: Grr. I reuse Staraptor's Fly.

Dawn: I don't know how long Ash can hold up like this.

Brock: What else can he do? His favourite pokemon has been effectively turned against him. Using Fly is his only chance to survive.

Dawn: I don't think that would be enough Brock. Ghost sounds like he's up to something.

Ghost: Hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaahhaahahah!!! Don't tell me you'd thought I'd fall for the same move twice. I use my item Battle Return! Now by cutting the strength of my Emperor in half, he attacks first this time.

Ash: What?

Ghost: Machine Emperor Wisel, use Volt Slash!

Dawn: Ash is in for it now. Fly only works once every 2 turns.

Brock: Ash!

Ash: Staraptor, return! Whoaaaaa!!!! Come on out Floatzel!

Dawn: What in the? Ah!

Brock: Something's going on with Ash's Pokemon.

Ash: Ghost, your about to discover the power of Pokemon can never be contained. Now watch! Now I'll use my Volt Magnet allowing me to take control for this one turn one Electric Pokemon which in your case happens to be Pikachu.

Ghost: Gasp! What?!

Ash: Return Pikachu.

Ghost: No! This isn't fair, Wisel captured him! He's mine!

Ash: Not anymore he's not. Now, I'll use the Majestic plate to transform him. Ghost, you called all Pokemon except Normal Types wretched little creatures the world should be rid of. Now its time you responded Pikachu in the form of Majestic Volt Dragon. And don't forget, sice Wisel lost him, he also loses his electric bonus.

Ghost: But I still have Blastoise as Wisel Guard 3 and any attack you try to wage will just be blocked!

Ash: You're wrong, because Pikachu can now paralyze Blastoise when he's brought out.

Ghost: So what? His attack still isn't strong enough to destroy all the parts.

Ash: It dosen't have to be. He's a combo not a single. I'm afraid Wisel's greatest strength is also his greatest weakness.

Ghost: No, your wrong.

Ash: Attack and you'll only destroy 1 part, but if its the right part, all the others go with it. Now, use Volt Shine Shred!



Ghost: Uuuuunnnnnnnngggggggghhhhh!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!


Ash: Ghost?

Dawn: What just happened?

Brock: Get to the ground quick!

Placido: Hmm. Ash Ketchum. It has to be.

Ash: We'd better get Ghost to a Pokemon Center.


Brock: Or better a mechanic?

Dawn: Now that was creepy.

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