The personal life of the living legend, Barbra Streisand, is often of great interest to many fans. However, there are many inaccuracies reported by both the tabloids and the mainstream press. In addition, being a super-shy personality, Barbra only reveals the essential details of her private life. The following is an expansion of the latter...

The first and perhaps most important person in Barbra's life is her son, Jason Emmanuel Gould. When asked of the numerous accomplishments in her 40+ career, Barbra always reveals that her most valued and proudest Jason. He has proven himself as an extraordinary actor after his starring in "The Prince Of Tides" (1991) alongside Nick Nolte and his mother. Jason went on to direct his own film that was accepted at Sundance. More important than talent (and good looks), Jason Gould is said to be a wonderful human being. In addition, he remains a prominent source of inspiration for Barbra when choosing material for certain projects. With this, Jason has won the hearts of his mother's legions of fans around the world.

The other important individual in Barbra Streisand's life is actor James Brolin. Barbra married the handsome actor on 1 July 1998. He has added an important dimension in her life - Romance! The coupling is said to be a perfect and complimentary pairing. Barbra stated, "I'm a much more energetic person. I need to be calmed. So I give him energy, and he gives me peace..." James too has also been a source of inspiration for some of her creative projects. Fans have stated for years that all they want for Barbra Streisand is to be happy - and James Brolin certainly does that. A love like theirs, is something that all human beings strive for.

Barbra Streisand also has a large number of friends. They include: Cis Corman, Donna Karan, Marty Erlichman, Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Shirley MacClaine, Quincy Jones, Rosie O' Donnell and the late Evelyn Ostin. Friends have been of utmost importance in Streisand's life. When looking at her life (and career) in retrospect, you will find that Barbra has people in her life for many years. In return, her friends receive unconditional love, loyalty and respect.

The people mentioned above are contributors to the wonderful life of Barbra Streisand. Everyone who knows her personally talks of the warmth, generosity and sensitivity Barbra shows towards them. If you have Barbra Streisand in your life - you've got gold! Barbra Streisand has proven to be one of the most extraordinary human beings of our time.

Barbra and Jason(in Prince of Tides)

Barbra and her son Jason

Barbra and Jason hug

Barbra and Jason hug

Barbra and James

Barbra and James

Barbra and James at Sunset

Barbra and James silhouetted/sunset

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