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Hi, Everybody. It's PreviewDude52797 Here.

And Today I Just got a Package in the Mail.

Let's Open it and See What's Inside.

Uh-Uh! Don't Push the Button yet.

Let's Look First.



It's the Woody From Toy Story 3: Talking Pen.

And the Other is the Alien, Buzz Lightyear, and Woody.

Let's Push the Button.


'You're My Favorite Deputy'

"Somebody's Poisoned the Waterhole!"

"Yee-Haw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Getiup! Partner"

"There's a Snake in my Box"


"Reach for the Sky"

"This Town Ain't Big Enough for the Two of Us"

All Done! It's Over!

Now We're Going to Get Another Package from For Part 3 for A Package in the mail.


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