Events after the battle

Antinomy: Ash! Pikachu! Grab hold of what is beyond the light and muster Delta Accel Synchro! GO, ASH!



The Center Gear

Misty: The door!

May: Ash stopped the last gear.

Brock: Ash!

Ash: Is everyone okay?

Max: You think? I've never been better.

Dawn: Ash, either you or May should have seen Max in our last battle.

Misty: He managed to trash out Aporia.

Ash: So he was guarding the gear?

Max: Yep.

Ash: Sherry?

Sherry: I've decided I will fight with you.

May: Ash, wasn't there a third person with you?

Ash: Yes. He protected the last gear. That was Bruno.

Brock: What?

Misty: But why?

Ash: His true name was Antinomy. And his memories were wiped by Z-one.

Max: So he was just like Aporia?

Ash: Yes. Before he vanished in the black hole at the end of our battle, he wanted me to use against Z-one a new move, Delta Accel Synchro.

Misty: I knew he would be playing us from the start!

Ash: Misty, its true Z-one sent him with Aporia here but he was cheering us on the whole time whilst his memory was wiped. We've got a score to settle with the mastermind of this place.

Z-one: Ash Ketchum, I will finish you now.


Z-one: Welcome, Team Unity.

Ash: Z-one!

May: Ash, wait up!

Max: Is that metal thing Z-one?

Sherry: Yes.

Z-one: I have watched your battles as one would expect from the six of you, especially Ash Ketchum.

Misty: So you're the one behind all this.

Brock: And set up Bruno for us.

Z-one: Antinomy you mean? It was Ener-D and the hearts of humans and Pokémon alike to cause the future's destruction. It was after I travelled to the past, I sent out Team Plasma to Unova and from the future Paradox as trials.

Ash: Paradox?

Max: You don't mean the guy who tried to wipe us from the timeline?

Z-one: And presently, I also sent Aporia and Antinomy to see the completion of my plan. Droppng the Arc Cradle on the Ener-D generator to wipe the 4 regions out completly.

Ash: So this is why you wiped out Bruno's memory. For Bruno's sake, I won't let you destroy our homes!

Z-one: Very well then. The support gear is linked to me. If you can't defeat me in a battle, it will not stop moving.

Aporia's reappearance

Ash: Fine by me, Z-one.

Aporia: Please wait Ash.

Ash: Aporia?

Max: Him again?!

Misty: How are you still alive?!

Aporia: Z-one, I will be your opponent.

Ash: What?!

Brock: But why?

Aporia: Because living on in the ruined future was part of my mission.

May: What do you mean?

Aporia: I found an answer in my last battle with Misty, Dawn and Max.

Max: And what is that?

Aporia: If you think about it as questions, why did I continue to live even with suffering so much despair? After suffering three times despair, I continued to move forward. That is thanks to Misty in our last battle reminded me like back then I never lost hope I would find someone. That is how I met Z-one in the first place. Z-one was practically also hoping for you to come here only to crush you with his bare hands.

Ash: Z-one had hope for us?

Aporia: Z-one, you sent me to complete the circuit to make the Arc Cradle fall on the Ener-D generator. In order to both help and hinder at the same time, you sent Antinomy to Ash and his friends. But why did you wipe his memory? That would hinder the plan and what you've just done as a mistake was allow them to progress into this very room. Is this not what you wanted from the very start? If they believe they can stop that terrible future, surely we can give them a chance. That's the reason you sent Antinomy to Team Unity. But why are you trying to stop this and destroy them even though the future as we showed them can be altered. Z-one!

Z-one: This hope you speak of never existed and never will.

Aporia: You once had hope yourself Z-one. I want you to remember it. AGH!

Ash: Aporia!

Aporia: I challenge you in Ash's place.

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