The Fight continues

Z-one: Metaion is completley immune to all attacks, status changes and effects except its own.

Aporia: Here we go. (thinking) The item I equipped to Grannel earlier. It will lend me my victory. (talking) Come on out Skie! Use Explosion!


Z-one: Haven't you forgotten? Metaion is completley immune to anything you throw my way.

Aporia: Skie's effect brings out from 1 Poke Ball fully revived, Machine Emperor Skiel Infinity, Skiel Top, Skiel Attack, Skiel Guard and Skiel Carrier are brought out. Combine! Machine Emperor Skiel! Skiel's strength is equal to the strength of its other parts.

May: But even if he attacks, Skiel will take 30 points of damage times Metaion's level which is 90.

Aporia: Use Trash Explosion to destroy itself and all items in my randomizer!

Ash: What is he thinking?!


Max: Hey, shouldn't Aporia lose by now?

Aporia: As long as the Destiny Stone is equipped to Grannel, even if I have no Pokemon to battle, I remain in the game. Now I use the last item equipped to Skiel, After Glow Sword!

Z-one: What?!

Aporia: First, I trash all other After Glow Swords and then shuffle this back to my randomizer. Then on my next turn, if an item I get from my randomizer is an After Glow Sword, you lose Z-one!

Z-one: Now its my next turn, Metaion returns to my team and then a random Pokemon is brought out. Lets see. Perfect! Come forth Razion!

Aporia: What?! Another Temporal Pokemon?!

Z-one: Use Flame Cannon! When Razion use this move and deals damage sucessfully, I revive Grannel to your team and then return all items that were trashed or held by your Pokemon are sent to your randomizer with the Pokemon I revived.

Aporia: What?! Grrrr.

Z-one: Furthermore, should you get an item or Poke Ball from your randomizer, your team takes 1000 damage.

Ash: But if Aporia gets an After Glow Sword that was trashed earlier, the battle will be in a draw.

Aporia: Come on. (Flash) No. Machine Emperor Grannel.

Z-one: Use Flame Cannon!


Ash: Aporia!

Aporia: I'm sorry Ash. I couldn't stop him. Although it was wasn't my intentional plan at first but I wanted to expose Z-one's stragety for your advantage. Here's something for your Turbo Skates and your Pikachu. Hyyyrrrrrrhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Ash: Wow. Huh? Aporia!

Brock: Its okay Ash. Since this version of him is an android, the battle might have fried a wire or something. We could still fix him. Go up there and take down Z-one to save our home.

Misty: Good luck Ash.

Max: Don't lose.

May: You can do it.

Dawn: Take that mech freak down.

Ash: Thanks guys. Lets go Pikachu. Whoa!

Everyone: He's flying!

Z-one: So you would do this knowing my Temporal Pokemon are invincible. Lets go Ash.

Both: Battle!

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