• Voice: Yo. Missed a spot, little dude.
  • Cameron: Huh?
  • Voice: It's the window over here. You did the others so don't make this one feel unappreciated.
  • (Cameron does so)
  • Voice: Yeah, nice job.
  • (Then Geoff appeared)
  • Geoff: Can't do a job halfway. What's worth-doing is worth doing well I always say. And that does double when you're doing my windows. They're double-pane. A pain in the neck and a pain to clean. Know what I see when I look at that clean window?
  • Cameron: No. What?
  • Geoff: The inside of the switch-house! What else would I see?! Good work, dude. What's your name?
  • Cameron: Cameron...Cam...Cameron. ...Cameron!
  • Geoff: Or is it Cameron-Cam-Cameron? And you can call me Geoff.

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