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A Pokemon Halloween is a Super Pokemon Adventures episode.


  • It's halloween at the school gym and Ash (dressed as Ryu), Mitchie (dressed as Athena Asamiya), Skeeter (dressed as Michael Jackson), Kimiko (wearing her Treasure of The Blind Swordsman outfit), Zak (dressed as a cowboy), Mary (dressed as a ballerina), Gary (dressed as Ken Masters), Wilhelmina (dressed as Mizuho Kazami), Latoya (dressed as Gligirl), Peggy (also dressed as a ballerina), Angie (also dressed as a ballerina), Lisa (also dressed as a ballerina), Beebe (dressed as a pirate), Rex (dressed as Bruce Lee), Bailey (dressed as Princess Peach), Falco (dressed as Abraham Lincoln), Tigger (dressed as The Masked Offender), Falca (dressed as a cowgirl), Riff Raff (dressed as Weird Al), Aya (dressed as Officer Jenny), Satsuki (also dressed as Mizuho Kazami), Charmaine (dressed as Shirley Fenette), Marissa (also dressed as a ballerina), Timon (also dressed as Michael Jackson) and Pumbaa (dressed as a Zebra) are dancing to every song. K.K. Slider (from Animal Crossing) makes a guest appearance.


  • Ash Ketchum
  • Mitchie Ohara
  • Skeeter Valentine
  • Kimiko Tohomiko
  • Zak Saturday
  • Mary
  • Gary Oak
  • Wilhelmina
  • Latoya Parker
  • Peggy
  • Angie Ohara
  • Lisa Tohomiko
  • Beebe Bluff
  • Rex Salazar
  • Bailey
  • Falco Lombardi
  • Tigger
  • Falca
  • Riff Raff
  • Aya
  • Satsuki
  • Charmaine
  • Marissa
  • Timon
  • Pumbaa


Part 1

  • (We see Ash and the gang on the way to the school)
  • Ash: Mom, can you tell us we're going?
  • Wilhelmina: We're going to the school gym.
  • Ash: All right!
  • Mitchie: This is gonna be the perfect halloween ever!
  • (Ash and the gang arrive at the school gym)
  • Rex: Wow! The school gym has been decorated.
  • Aya: Just remember the rules, no accidents.
  • Skeeter: Yipee!
  • Ash: Can i turn on the radio, mom?
  • Wilhelmina: Yes, my son.
  • (Ash turns on the radio and the Backstreet Boys song The Call plays)
  • Tigger: Masked Offender to the rescue!
  • Charmaine: We're dancing!
  • Ash: Dance with me, Mitchie.
  • Mitchie: Right, my boyfriend.
  • (Ash and Mitchie both start dancing)
  • Skeeter: (does a disco dance)
  • Timon: (does the same)
  • Gary: Hey, Ashy Boy.
  • Ash: Gary, i'm dancing with Mitchie.
  • Gary: What pathetic.
  • Latoya: Gary, Zane didn't care to love me.
  • Gary: You're right.
  • Kimiko: Yee haw! Ride em cowgirl!
  • Rex: Kimiko what are you doing?
  • Pumbaa: You're riding on me, Kimiko.
  • Kimiko: Oops!
  • Falco: It's all in good cause.
  • Tigger: Never fear, citizens. Masked Offender is on the job.
  • Satsuki: Tigger, i don't think you're on the job.
  • Tigger: You're right.
  • Zak: Holy macaroni! Ash, a lot of cheetos are on the plate.
  • Ash: Can i eat them on my vase?
  • Timon: Of course, Ash.
  • (Ash starts eating the cheetos on his vase)
  • Riff Raff: The song ended. Now it's time for Bohemian Polka.
  • Tigger: (singing) Is this the real life?
  • Ash: (also singing) Is this just fantasy?
  • Tigger: Caught in a landslide.
  • Ash: No escape from Reality.
  • Both: Open your eyes look up to the skies and see.
  • Tigger: I'm just a poor boy...
  • (Kimiko changes the song to Wind It Up)
  • Ash: Hey!
  • Tigger: Put the song back.
  • Kimiko: (gives an evil smirk to the boys)
  • Ash and Tigger: Eep!
  • Kimiko: Wind it up!
  • Mitchie: Kimiko.
  • Kimiko: Wind it up!
  • Pumbaa: Don't sing.
  • Kimiko: Wind it up!
  • Rex: Aww nuts!
  • (End of Part 1)

Part 2

  • (We see Ash and the gang still in costumes)
  • Ash: Mitchie, you know what you're going to love. Your boots.
  • Mitchie: (giggles) Thanks, Ash.
  • Skeeter: Oh look. Thriller!
  • Kimiko: Skeeter what are you doing.
  • Zak: Don't do it, Skeeter!
  • Skeeter: (singing) It's supposed to midnight...
  • Ash: Skeeter, you idiot!
  • Skeeter: Cause this is Thriller...
  • Ash: I'm warning you!
  • (Michael Jackson appears)
  • Michael Jackson: Let me sing that song. (singing) Cause this is thriller, Thriller night.
  • Mitchie: Aww man. Skeeter and Michael having a duet.
  • Jeice: Oi you.
  • Mitchie: Jeice of The Ginyu Force.
  • Jeice: I wanted you to become your marriage.
  • Mitchie: I don't want to marry you, Jeice.
  • Jeice: And what about your gloves and your dress, even your nude tights and your boots.
  • Mitchie: Eep!
  • Ash: Stay away from my girlfriend.
  • Jeice: All right. Then i'm going to wreck you and then..
  • Kimiko: (holds out a gun)
  • Jeice: What the!?
  • Kimiko: You better say sorry.
  • Jeice: I surrender. (runs away)
  • Gary: (thinking) No wonder Zane fell in love with Carmen.
  • Latoya: He no longer loves me.
  • Blast: Well look what we have here.
  • Ash: Are you serious?
  • Blast: Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Blast Ketchup, your brother.
  • (Everyone gasps)
  • Zak: Holy macaroni!
  • Ash: Blast is my brother!?
  • Blast: You were born in Kanto the day Delia raised you. But she's away for a while and now Wilhelmina is your new mom.
  • Ash: You can't be ridiculous, Blast!
  • Kimiko: Ash is our best friend.
  • Blast: Ha ha! Who cares!
  • (The Steamettes give a heavy glare at Blast)
  • Blast: (laughs nervously)
  • Ash: You're gonna challenge me, Blast.
  • Blast: Bring it on, brother!
  • (End of Part 2)

Part 3

  • (We see Ash and Blast facing off)
  • Ash: Hadoken!
  • Blast: (gets hit by a hadoken) Not bad. Balistic Barrage.
  • (Blast charges a Balistic Barrage at Ash)
  • Ash: Whoa! (falls on the floor)
  • Zak: Ash!
  • Kimiko: I'll take care of Blast. Judolette Flip, Fire!
  • Blast: (gets hit by Kimiko's Judolette Flip) Ow!
  • Falco: Personally, i prefer the air!
  • (Falco knocks Blast away with a full tackle)
  • Blast: You'll pay for this!
  • (A ding is heard)
  • Mitchie: Are you all right, my boyfriend?
  • Ash: I'm okay.
  • Mitchie: Oh, Ash. (kisses him on his cheek)
  • Ash: (blushes) Mitchie.
  • K.K. Slider: Hello, guys.
  • Riff Raff: K.K. Slider.
  • K.K. Slider: I'm the famous dog singer and i'm going to perform K.K. Western. My Favorite Hit Song.
  • Kimiko: This song makes me go western.
  • K.K. Slider: (starts singing K.K. Western)
  • Ash: Yee haw! Ride em cowboys and cowgirls.
  • Kimiko: Yeah!
  • (Later)
  • Ash: We're going to perform this special song. Born This Way.
  • Wilhelmina: Do it, my son.
  • (Born This Way Plays)
  • Ash: My mama told me when i was young, we are all born superstars.
  • Mitchie: She pulled my hair and put my lipstick on...
  • Skeeter: In the glass of her boudoir.
  • Kimiko: There's nothing wrong with loving who you are...
  • Zak: She said: Cause he made you perfect, babe.
  • Ash: So hold your head up, girl and you'll go far, listen to me when i say.
  • All 5: I'm beautiful in my way cause god makes no mistakes. I'm on the right track, baby i was born this way.
  • (

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