A Proud Day for Thomas and Othe Stories is US fan-faction VHS/DVD Featuring seven features two season 1 and two season 2 and three season 3 episodes narrated by George Carlin.


  1. A Proud Day For James
  2. James in a Mess
  3. Saved from Scrap
  4. Percy and The Signal
  5. Escape
  6. Oliver Owns Up
  7. All at Sea

Bonus Features

  • 2 Sing-Along-Songs: It's Great To Be an Engine Game and Every Cloud Has A Silver Linging
  • Bonus DVD Game: Wich Island Pictures Is Different?


  • The front cover image features "Toad Stands By" but this dosen't featured on the DVD.
  • The 1993 front cover image features "Old Iron" but that episode does not featured on the VHS.
  • The back cover image features "Henry's Special Coal" but that episode does not featured on the VHS.

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