"A Proud Day for Jane" is the fifth episode of the first season.


Jane, after proving herself useful, is to shunt coaches in the Yard. Garten puffs by, boasting about himself as usual, saying he could take the Express by instinct. Jane ignores him, and continues working. Later, Jane sees Garten puff into the station quietly and sadly. She finds out Garten was switched the wrong way and got lost. Sir Tophamm Hatt is cross with him, and Jane teases Garten. Jane ends up taking the Express, and is delighted. She has a great time pulling the train, and Sir Tophamm Hatt tells her that she can pull it again when Garten is busy. She meets Garten afterwards, who is pushing cars. They become friends, and don't tease each other about bootlaces or being stuck on a hill ever again!

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