A Quarry on Sodor is a US/UK/AUS DVD for six all new episdoes Meet Thomas' Ghost Engine and Tom Moss the Prank Engine.


The Quarry on the Island of Sodor at the Blue Mountain Quarry Thomas coupled up to the quarry cars and then Thomas and James were on the ghost stories about Thomas' Ghost Engine on halloween night time on  Sodor and Thomas told Percy about the dragons at Ulfstead Castle about dragons breath fire Thomas and Percy go to the docks and the take them a new engine named Tom Moss the Prank Engine is hidden in the woods and Gordon & Henry had been for Tom Moss the Prank Engine laughing on Sodor and speed time for everyone.


  1. Thomas and the Quarry Trucks
  2. Halloween on Sodor
  3. Thomas and the Dragons
  4. Angry Birds Star Wars
  5. A New Engine on Sodor
  6. Gordon & Henry

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