A Sappy Ending and Other Episodes is a fan-fiction VHS/DVD Release featuring three Pokemon episodes and three Freakazoid episodes.


  1. A Sappy Ending (Pokemon)
  2. A Chansey Operation (Pokemon)
  3. A Better Pill To Swallow (Pokemon)
  4. Dance of Doom (Freakazoid)
  5. And Fanboy is His Name (Freakazoid)
  6. Relax-O-Vision (Freakazoid)


  • Distributed by Warner Home Video.

VHS/DVD Artwork

Front Cover

  • Top: Pikachu and Heracross
  • Bottom: Cave Guy and Freakazoid from "Dance of Doom"

Back Cover

  • Misty (angry) from "A Chansey Operation"
  • Freakazoid and Fanboy from "And Fanboy is His Name"