A Shadow on the Glass is the first novel of the fantasy quartet, The View From the Mirror, part of the greater Three Worlds Series, written by author Ian Irvine.


Australian cover art of "A Shadow on the Glass".


The action of A Shadow on the Glass takes place on Santhenar, one of three worlds, the others being Aachan and Tallallame, connected by a limitless place of violence and brutality, The Void. The native people of Santhenar are the Old humans, though four thousand years before the beginning of the novel, the inhabitants of the other three worlds, the Aachim, Faellem and Charon, ventured to Santhenar in the hunt for the Golden Flute and its treacherous maker Shuthdar. Shuthdar was hunted for five hundred years, before he was finally cornered. Deciding that it would be better to die than to surrender his life and his precious Flute to his many enemies Shuthdar commits suicide, using the magics of the Flute. Moments after Shuthdar's death, The Forbidding materialised, shutting off the off world species from returning to their homes.

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