Rosie meets up with Terrence and comments on Terrence's use of his caterpillars, and winter soon arrives, and Rosie is forced to wear an uncomfortable snowplough. Rosie bangs the snowplough so much that by the end of the day it's too damaged to use again.

The very next day Rosie continues her work, without her snowplough, much to her delight, but unfortunately, she quickly comes across a snowdrift and crashes right into it, ending up trapped in the snow bank. Instantly she begins to regret breaking her snowplough.

Bertie arrives to take Rosie's passengers and Terrence comes to the rescue taking Rosie's coaches away right before rescuing Rosie from the snow bank. Rosie thanks Terrence and apologizes for commenting on him earlier.

A Snowy Day and other 'Thomas and Friends' adventure stories narrated by Pierce Brosnan
Thomas and Friends the Magical Adventures
Release Date December 12, 2011
Format DVD
Region Seasame Street Home Video
Distributor {{{distributor}}}
Disc Count {{{discs}}}
Episode Count A Snowy Day

Gordon,Rosie And The Fruitful Afternoon Pop Goes Dasiy Down The Coal Mine Donlad,Doglas and Fergus Song: Night Trian

Running Time {{{time}}}
Retail Price 1$
Video {{{video}}}
Audio Narrted By Prince Brostan
Subtitles American

Japan Spanish Greek

Previous DVD Rosie's Caramel Crunch (and other 'Thomas and Friends' adventure stories narrated by Pierce Brosnan)
Next DVD Toby's Discovery and Other Stories (Lyrick Studios verison) 23:42, September 14, 2011 (UTC)

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