A Surprise For Sir Handel is a Potential Plotlines episode.


Sir Handel finds Mr Percival with a surprise and a new tender engine named Rocco. Sir Handel and Rocco find a shed. Soon Rocco is still boasting about being important. Sir Handel tells him to be careful, but Rocco doesn't listen to Sir Handel's advice untill he gets into trouble. Sir Handel finds him dangling on the edge of the hole and Rocco is pulled back onto the rails. Sir Handel tells Rocco that's all right. Sir Handel and Rocco are friends.

Featured Characters


  • The Transfer Yards
  • The Wharf


  • Sir Handel: Be careful, Rocco.
  • Rocco: Rubbish!
  • Sir Handel: Where's Rocco, Thomas?
  • Thomas: He's had an accident.
  • Sir Handel: I must go and find him right away.
  • Narrator: Sir Handel puffed away. Rocco was dangling on the efge of the hole, looking upset. Sir Handel was surprised and saw Rocco.
  • Sir Handel: What happened, Rocco?
  • Narrator: Rocco looked at him.
  • Rocco: I ignored your advice and now I dangled on the edge of the hole.