Keep a tentative grasp to that which you believe, keep an uneasy grasp to your heartheld views and ideals. Don't hold them too tight, or they will be nothing but a hindrance, and hold them loosely, ready to drop and forget when necessary.

In truth, it'd be easier not having any at all.

Don't trust what anyone tells you. If their not after your wallet or possessions, their after something far harder to get back, like your heart, soul and beliefs.

And trust me, once those fuckers got hold to these most precious of human necessities, they sure as fuck ain't letting go, they gonna work at it til it's more theirs than yours.

But, c'est la vie.

And so is all of life, people looking to take something from you - friendship, money, love and hate. Mankind is a parasite in even the most caring things we do, living on other's bare bones to survive on ourselves.

But don't feel bad, it's in your nature. Now come closer, I need to leech some love from you.

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