Description on DVD==

  • When Mr. Stingy loses the Christmas mood, he gets a very special surprise! Meet Little Miss Wise as she gives a surprise to Mr. Stingy!


Mr. Stingy plans to skip Christmas, as he doesn't like it. However, Little Miss Wise teachs him the true meaning. It leads Mr. Happy, Mr. Nosey, Little Miss Curious, Homsar, Nelson, Buzz Lightyear, Plankton, Sandy, Candace, Ferb, Baljeet and the rest of the gang learning Christmas. From going to Mr. Grumpy's childhood to Mr. Small's funeral, the group celebrates. Then Mr. Fussy introduces new friends Skarloey and Percy, who sing "Frosty/Rudolph/Bell Rock Medléy". As a final surprise, they throw a party and invite everyone. After Mr. Rude hangs up the star on the tree, he suddenly likes Christmas.


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