(AnimatedFan195 Productions logo)

(A snowflake flies to the Hundred Acre-Wood)

Tagline: This Christmas.

Narrator: This Christmas,

(A snowflake still flies to the Hundred Acre-Wood)

Narrator: premiering only on your computer,

(A snowflake shines into the white screen, while Kristoff and friends have a great time together on Christmas, including Oliver and Marie sending the letter to the North Pole)

Narrator: Kristoff and all of his friends in a brand-new full-length adventure,

Title: A Very Merry Kristoff Year.

Narrator: AnimatedFan195's A Very Merry Kristoff Year.

(Oliver and Marie riding the sled, Jack Frost tasting the snowflake with his tongue, and Hiro Hamada talks about the problem with sending the letter to the North Pole, as well as the gang going outside)

Narrator: Come along as we take a sneak peek at the family-holiday event of the season.

(The letter transitions to the clips with Wreck-It Ralph disguising an angel on the Christmas tree, The gang talk about the Christmas miracle, Jack Frost, Hiro Hamada and Wreck-It Ralph looking at themselves while checking out the situation, Kristoff as Santa doesn't take too long to open the door, and Jamie writing the Christmas list)

Narrator: The special full-length movie is a heartwarming journey of life-long friends, who learned a value of resolutions.

Kristoff: Resolutions?

(Kristoff falls into the box)

Kristoff: Oh, bother.

Oliver: Resolutions, Kristoff. It's a promise to be a better person in the New Year.

Marie: How romantic, Oliver.

(Oliver gives the carrot soup bowl to Kristoff, Hiro Hamada making the sandwiches with pink ribbons, Kristoff flying with the balloons, and Oliver and Marie hug Kristoff)

Narrator: Share the spirit of Christmas and New Year's with the ones you love, featuring newly recorded songs.

(Kristoff as Santa falls into the logs on the fireplace, Jack Frost looking at the fireplace, and the transitions begin with snowing flakes, starting with, Wreck-It Ralph enjoying with the umberella covered in snow, Kristoff excited about the Christmas miracle, along with Jack Frost, the gang enjoying their Christmas miracle, and Jack Frost bouncing on his new present)

Narrator: Join the celebration of friendship,

Kristoff: We are going to bring Christmas to everyone!

Title: A Very Merry Kristoff Year.

Narrator: in AnimatedFan195's A Very Merry Kristoff Year.

Tagline: Coming This Christmas 2017.

Narrator: Coming This Christmas 2017.

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