A World For Us All is the Theme Song in the Digimon Franchise, created by Akiyoshi Hongo and Eric Goldberg, composed by Elton John, written by Tim Rice and sung by Elton John, Notorious B.I.G., Will Smith, Robin Williams, Jim Carrey, Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell.


Look through the past,

As we hed for the Future,

To reclaim the Digital World.

With Faith in ourselves,

And Trust in each other,

We live the lessons we learned.

As we worked on one solution,

Through a Spirit Evelultion.

Ha-ya-moo-ah! Huh!



Forever united as one.


Together the battles are won.


Through us let your spirit evolve.

If we're all for one World,

there's a World for us all.

If we're all for one World,

There's a World,

For us all.


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