In 1823, In eurpe, there was a beautiful girl named Rhea. She was 18 years old and she lived with her father, johnny. "I have a present for you, Rhea." Said johnny "What present do you have, Father?" Asked rhea. "The present is your rose." Said johnny. "Wow!" Said rhea. "I like the red rose. Thank you, Father!" Said rhea. "You're welcome, rhea!" Said johnny. Then johnny showed rhea a picture. "This," Said johnny, "is eric. He is 18 years old like you." "Eric!" Said rhea. "What a handsome person!" "Eric will be in love with you." Said johnny. "Really?" Said rhea. "Yes," Said johnny. "Really." "You're the best father in the whole world." Said rhea. Suddenly, a knock came from the door. Johnny opened the door. It was his friend named harry with his mustash. He was not happy. "Who is this girl?" Snapped harry. "This is my daugter, Rhea." Said johnny. "Rhea?" Questened harry. "Pah! I hate her. Soon rhea will be gone and no one will see her again. Goodbye, Rhea, Ah! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha!" Poor rhea was so upset. "I won't be gone, will i, Father?" Said rhea. "Don't worry, Rhea." Said johnny. "Harry won't get rid of you. Tomorrow, i'm going to get you the chocalate." "Oh thank you, Father!" The next day, johnny went to get rhea the chocalate. Eric and his old friend named cult were off to have breakfast in the cafe. "What shall we have, Eric?" Said cult. "We shall have bacon and egg, Cult." Said eric. "What a good idea, My boy!" Said cult. "I will be in love with rhea." Said eric. Meanwhile, Inside harry's office, Harry was having an idea to get rid of rhea. "I will poison rhea with an apple pie and soon she will be gone." Said harry. "Eric will never be in love with her." "Yes, i will!" Said eric. "Curses!" Cried harry. "It's eric. What are you doing here, Eric?" "Never mind! I will marry rhea at the ball." Said eric. Back at rhea's house, johnny was giving rhea a chocalate. "Oh thank you, Father!" Said rhea. "You're welcome, Rhea!" Said johnny. "Tonight will be a ball and eric will marry you." "I'm excited." Said rhea. "I'll see him tonight." One night, eric was waiting for rhea at the ball. Harry was ready to watch. Then he tricked eric about rhea. "Why is rhea upset?" Asked eric. "Because, Eric," Said harry. "Rhea is not ready to come to the ball and she is captured by the nasty monster." "Don't worry, Harry." Said eric "I'll save her from the nasty monster." "Oh i hope she'll be all right," Said harry. "Wait a minute!" Said eric. "Rhea is not captured by the monster, She's here." "Ah well, there you are!" Said harry. Harry's trick had worked. "Now i'm going to give her an apple pie." Said harry. Rhea fell in love with eric and they danced together. Harry was ready put the poisoned apple pie anywhere. He put the apple pie down on the table. Harry and Rhea kissed eachother. Rhea saw the apple pie on the table. "Can i eat the apple pie, Eric?" Said rhea. "Yes," Said eric. "Of course you can!" Just then, cult arrived. "No, My dear!" Cried cult. "Don't eat the apple pie. It's poisend." "It's not poisend. It's delicous." Said rhea. Then she ate the apple pie and it was poisend. She fell into a deep sleep. "Rhea!" Cried eric. "Nooooooooo!" Harry was a happy villain. "Are you all right, Harry?" Asked eric. "Just a little happy," Tricked harry. "I have tricked you and i have killed rhea with a poisend apple pie and my idea has worked." "We don't like you, Harry." Said eric. "Why don't you like anyone? If it weren't for me, she'd still be alive." Said harry. "Let's fight man to man, Harry." Said eric. Eric and Harry were fighting man to man. Harry pushed eric and the storm came. "You fool, i'll turn you into a frog." Said harry. He tried to turn eric into a frog. But the storm broke into a glass. "Drat and double drat!" Said harry. The storm flashed harry. He broke the glass and fell out far below. Soon harry was gone forever. Eric and cult knew that rhea was dead. "Poor rhea! There is nothing we can do to bring rhea back to life." Just then, rhea came back to life. "I fell into a deep sleep. I love you, Eric." Said rhea. "I love you too, rhea." Said eric. "Let's be married in the wedding." At the wedding, the vicar talked to eric. "You shall stay together. Promise you won't leave her." Said the vicar. "I will promise." Said eric. As they were out of the church, Rhea was given the flowers by cult. Johnny was happy to see eric and rhea. They were married.

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