I finally burned my Complete First Season into a DVD. Every episode is narrated by Ringo Starr. Next, I will be doing this stuff with Complete Second Season.


  • ThomasandOliverFan: Hello everyone! This is ThomasandOliverFan. And I'm now going to show you my fanmade Thomas DVD called The Complete First Season. Now, this is one US DVD that has Season 1 too. But, it had the UK narrations. My version has the US narrations. Anyway, here it is. My DVD of Thomas & Friends: Season 1. Here's the front cover with a picture of Thomas. And here's the back cover with all the episodes listed. As you can see, the cover is red just like Skarloey. The reason why is because he's number 1. All of my Season DVDs match the same color as the narrow gauge engines with the sam number as them. For example, Season 2 is going to be red violet like Rheneas since he's number 2, Season 3 is going to be blue like Sir Handel since he's number 3, and Season 4 is going to dark green like Peter Sam since he's number 4. All the episodes are on one disc just like the UK version. The episodes have their remastered footage and their all narrated by Ringo Starr. Also, it had a Ringo Starr US version of Whistles and Sneezes with the lines "The Fat Controller held his ears too" and "he bellowed" taken out. I'm very proud of this DVD. And I hope to do the other seasons soon. Thank you for watching. This is ThomasandOliverFan saying goodbye and I'll see you when I'm finish with my Season 2 DVD.

My Comments

  • EricCartmanFan: I can't decide which version is better. Your's or Anchor Bay's. I like how Anchor Bay's version has the restored footage. But, I like how your's has the US narrations.
  • ThomasandFriendsGeorgeCarlin: You said that all the episodes were narrated by Ringo Starr. But, I thought Whistles & Sneezes was never narrated by Ringo Starr for the US.

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