The version of Captain Hook who appears in the Disney animated film adaptation of Peter Pan is somewhat of a fool, prone to crying out for help as well as being called a codfish and having his clothes repeatedly ruined. This Captain Hook has the hook in place of his left hand instead of his right. In early development, the story department wrote their analysis of Hook's character: "He is a fop...Yet very mean, to the point of being murderous. This combination of traits should cause plenty of amusement whenever he talks or acts."

Frank Thomas was the directing animator of Hook. According to Disney's Platinum release bonus features, Hook was modeled after a Spanish King. One director insisted that Hook should be a darker villain with no comedic traits. Yet this would not work during the crocodile scenes. The animators realized he could not be truly evil, because of the children in the film that he would be threatening. The result is a "bad guy," but only to the point of matching Peter Pan.

Actor Hans Conried set the tone for Disney's interpretation of Hook, as he was the original voice for the Captain, as well as Mr. Darling in the same film. In addition Conried's acting skills were used, as he performed live-action reference for the two characters. In modern animation, Hook is voiced by Corey Burton.


Captain Hook is introduced in the animated film as a cunning, spoiled, sinister, frustrated man, plotting to trap Peter in his lair, but also a bit of a buffoon, hiding from the crocodile nicknamed 'Tick Tock' who took off his hand. He seeks revenge on Peter Pan for having fed the crocodile his hand amidst battle, and will keep his ship and its crew anchored in Never Land's waters until he finds the boy. Hook is a dangerous villain, without conscience, yet is dependent on his sidekick, Mr Smee. He is fairly cunning and has a bit of a taste for loopholes in contracts or deals — after he promises Tinker Bell that he will not lay a finger (or a hook) on Peter, he then lays a bomb in Peter's hideout, since he didn't say he wouldn't do that. When Peter defeats Hook, he begs for mercy and promises to leave Neverland forever. However, Hook tries to attack Peter again, only to be foiled. At the conclusion of the film, Hook is being chased by the crocodile off into the distance. Walt Disney insisted on keeping Hook alive, as he said: "The audience will get to liking Hook, and they won't want to see him killed."


Adolf Hitler (20 April 1889 - 30 April 1945) was a German politician and the leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party (German: Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, NSDAP). The NSDAP is more commonly known as the Nazi Party. He was the Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945 and he was head of state. He ruled Germany as an absolute dictator.


Jafar is the villain of Disney's animated film Aladdin, where he was voiced by Jonathan Freeman. He sings a song, Prince Ali (Reprise) to reveal to Jasmine who Prince Ali really is (Aladdin). In the movie, he seeks the Genie's lamp, so that he can become sultan of Agrabah. When he gets it, he wishes 1. to be sultan 2. to be the world's most powerful sorcerer 3. to be an all-powerful genie himself. In his last wish, Aladdin tricks him into wishing to become a genie by saying "The genie has more power than you'll ever have!" When he becomes a genie, he becomes trapped in his own magic lamp.

Aunt Sarah:

Aunt Sarah is the main antagonist of the Disney movie Lady and the Tramp, though she doesn't mean to be.

Aunt Sarah is an upper-class woman who owns the two mischievious felines Si and Am but has a dislike of dogs, especially Lady, who she sees as being unsafe around the infant she was called upon to look after: in reality Lady was harmless and actually tried to protect the baby from Si and Am.

Thinking Lady had harmed Si and Am without provokation Aunt Sarah decided to have her muzzled, the traumatized Lady fled from the scene and was later rescued from a pack of street dogs by Tramp.

Lady was sent to the pound for a while when she was caught by the dog-catcher - eventually she was retrieved by Aunt Sarah, who proceeded to chain her outside in her dog house.

While outside Lady sees a rat entering the baby's room and barks repeatedly to try and attract Aunt Sarah's attention but Aunt Sarah simply yells at her to be quiet.

However Tramp arrives and pursues the rat, Lady managing to break free to follow - during the confrontation Tramp kills the rat but also accidentally knocks over the baby's basket, waking the infant and causing it to cry, when Aunt Sarah arrives to find the two dogs in the room she believes they were trying to attack the baby and locks Tramp in a closet while taking Lady and putting her in the basement.

Aunt Sarah proceeds to call the pound to take away Tramp, Jim Dear and Darling return home and free Lady - who proceeds to show them the dead rat. John Dear proceeds to rescue Tramp from the pound.

In the end in it revealed Aunt Sarah did eventually see the error of her ways as she sent Lady a box of dog biscuits as a Christmas present and also as an apology for mistreatinng her.

J. Worthington Foulfellow:

Honest John is a sly fox who appears in the 1940 movie, Pinocchio.

Honest John was hired by The Coachman.

He has a sidekick named Gideon.

He tricks and kidnaps the Eds to the theater to meet Stromboli. After The Eds, Pinocchio, Alice, and Jiminy escape from Stromboli's coach, Honest John kidnaps Ed, Eddy, and Double D once again to go to Pleasure Island. It is unknown what happened to Honest John and Gideon after this.

Lady Tremaine:

Lady Tremaine is the main villain of Disney's Cinderella. She is Cinderella's very mean, rude, and selfish wicked stepmother, based on the character of the original fairy tale.

In the film Lady Tremaine marries a man that has a beautiful daughter Cinderella. She also has daughters named Anastasia and Drizella Tremaine. After Cinderella's father dies, Tremaine's evil hatred of Cinderella is revealed. Tremaine's daughters are jealous of Cinderella's beauty so the family then makes Cinderella serve them their meals, clean the house, sweep the floors, and all sorts of servant work. Cinderella wishes one day to marry the Prince, but then Tremaine forces her to do more work even though some of them were already done. Cinderella gets mail from the King for a Ball at the castle (because the King wants his son to marry so he can have grandchildren). Tremaine, Anastasia, and Drizella are excited but Tremaine tells Cinderella to get her work done so she can go, but she doesn't realize that Tremaine doesn't really mean it. After her work, Tremaine gets ready for the Ball, but Cinderella doesn't have anything to wear. Tremaine, Drizella, and Anastasia are jealous when they find out Cinderella is more pretty so they tear it up and leave for the Ball. At the Ball, the family looks at the lady the Prince is dancing with and Tremaine thinks she looks familiar (the lady is Cinderella, because her Fairy Godmother helped her get a pretty blue shiny dress and she got to go). The next day the Grand Duke is coming to see the Tremaines to see who fits the glass slipper. Tremaine realizes with Cinderella's voice that she was the one who danced with the Prince. She follows her upstairs and locks her in her room. Then the Duke arrives and then tries the slipper on Drizella and Anastasia but it doesn't fit. The Duke prepares to leave until Cinderella comes down (after her mice pets free her by grabbing Tremaine's key to the room) the stairs. Tremaine then trips the Duke and the slipper breaks. Tremaine grins as the Duke becomes upset, but Cinderella has the other slipper which proves that she was the one dancing with the Prince, much to Tremaine's dismay.

Lady Tremaine also acts as a major antagonist in the direct-to-video sequels, in one of these sequels she even gains the power of magic via stealing the Fairy Godmother's wand and starts to create her own horrific version of a "happy ever after" (which is more akin to a nightmare than a fantasy) - in the end she receives a fitting punishment for her misdeeds and becomes a servant at Cinderella's castle (this was actually an act of mercy by Cinderella, who didn't wish to see her stepmother put in jail, despite her deserving it due to her actions: which amounted to treachery).

Prince John:

Prince John is the primary antagonist of the 1973 Disney animated movie Robin Hood. He is a lion who usurped his brother, King Richard, and became King of England (though in reality he was only a stand-in ruler, who was looking after England in the abscence of his brother - who was fighting in the Crusades). He constantly taxes the poor of Nottingham for his own benefit and has a habit of sucking his thumb when he gets upset - he is aided in his scheming by the Sheriff Of Nottingham and his man-servant Sir Hiss, who he tends to abuse regularly.

When King Richard returned from the Crusades he had Prince John and his henchmen put to work breaking rocks as punishment for Prince John's unfair treatment of the people of Nottingham.


Sykes is the chief antagonist of the Disney animated movie, Oliver and Company: a modern-take on the Charles Dickens's story of Oliver Twist - Sykes is a loan shark who terrorizes Fagin, who has fallen victim to his wrath due to continually failing to pay his debt. When the stray kitten Oliver comes into contact with Fagin and his gang of canine thieves he also becomes ensnared in Fagin's plot to pay off Sykes.

However the plan backfires horribly on Fagin when a young girl named Jenny takes a special interest in Oliver, concerned when he leaves her care she heads to find him but is spotted by Sykes - who realizes she is from a wealthy family, he proceeds to kidnap her: informing a hapless Fagin his debt was now paid before driving away in his limo.

Oliver and his gang of friends, along with Fagin, pursue Sykes and rescue Jenny - this angers Sykes sufficiently for him to give chase in his limo - the chase is frantic and climaxes with Sykes driving his limo into the path of a moving train, which proceeds to hit the limo and kill Sykes in a fiery blaze.

Sykes was unusual for a Disney villain in the fact he was an ordinary human with no magical or supernatural abilities - his scheme was not grand and he was also generally without humor - being a dark and fairly serious character in keeping with his role as a dangerous criminal.

Sykes is also based loosely on Bill Sikes, the main villain of Oliver Twist, whom he shares his name with as well as his criminal tendencies.


Percival C. McLeach is a sociopathic poacher and the main villain in the 1990 Disney animated film, The Rescuers Down Under - motivated as much out of sadistic pleasure as he was greedy. McLeach sought to capture a rare eagle and was ruthless enough to use a young boy named Cody as bait in order to get what he desired. Unlike the comical Madame Medusa of the original film, McLeach was shown as a serious villain with almost no redeeming qualities and it was only through his defeat that the story could have a happy ending as he was so utterly psychotic that he was willing to feed Cody to a swarm of crocodiles once the boy had outlived his usefulness. McLeach was first introduced to Cody when the boy fell into a pit-trap, having befriended a rare and magnificiant eagle known as Marahute beforehand. The boy still had one of her feathers as a parting gift - which would prove to be a mistake as McLeach noticed the feather and decided to kidnap the boy to help him track down the eagle (though McLeach was also intending on kidnapping the boy regardless so as not to risk being found by the authorities).

McLeach proceeds to toss Cody's backpack to crocodiles to trick the rangers into believing the boy had been eaten by the animals and thus covering his tracks - meanwhile a hapless Cody is driven to McLeach's lair where he is soon put in a cage alongside a collection of rare and protected Australian wildlife, many of which are living in terrible conditions.

However, Cody is in luck as two mice from the Rescue Aid Society are soon sent to aid him, being none other than Bernard and Bianca, the heroes of the first film - upon arriving in Australia the two mice become aware of McLeach's true plan once they track him down.

Knowing that Cody was emotionally attached to the eagle, McLeach cruelly lied to the boy, telling him the eagle had been shot by another hunter and that nobody is around to guard her eggs - however this was an act and when a worried Cody runs off to find the eggs, McLeach follows in a large truck, he also brings along his lizard sidekick Joanna so that she can eat the eggs and thus ensure McLeach gets even more wealth via making Marahute the last of her kind.

McLeach proceeds to capture Cody and Marahute, taking them to a cliff where he ties Cody up and decides to feed the boy to a swarm of crocodiles since he had outlived his usefulness - but Bernard manages to stop the machine McLeach was using to lower Cody into the river.

McLeach responded by getting out of the vehicle and personally started firing at the rope holding Cody with a shotgun but once again Bernard thinks fast and tricks Joanna into chasing him - causing her to knock both McLeach and herself into the river in the process.

While in the river McLeach is attacked by crocodiles but fends them off, after a while the crocodiles depart and McLeach taunts them triumphantly only to turn around in horror and realize that they were not actually afraid of him but were swimming away from a large waterfall.

McLeach proceeds to plunge to his seeming demise as the river swept him down into the waterfall.

Texas Pete:

Texas Pete (or Tex, as he is known to others) is one of the meanest cowboys and the main antagonist on the planet with his trusty six shooters and lasso.

He is always looking for ways to kill SuperTed, because he is always foiling his evil plans. He loves to steal things and make people unhappy. If Tex promises to do something, then don't believe him, as he is always going back on his word. He treats both of his henchmen, Bulk and Skeleton, very badly. He will call them names and put their lives on the line rather than his. If he starts to call you his friend, then you know you are in trouble and the best thing to do is run away!! Once, he tried to find out SuperTed’s magic word by staging situations that would require SuperTed's help. Tex had SuperTed’s tree house bugged, to find out the magic word. Luckily everything didn't go to plan. Tex also has a spaceship. There are a number of things that Tex hates (apart from SuperTed). He hates being called kind and generous (Skeleton never said it again to him) and he doesn't like being kissed (yuk!). Once, he dropped in on Mr & Mrs Spot. This wasn't to say hello, but instead to steal the cosmic dust that Spotty had be collecting for years. In The Further Adventures of Superted, Tex sings a song called Let's all get real 'cos i'm a big deal, kidnaps Speckles from Blotch and sees Bubbles the Clown.

Cruella De Vil:

Cruella de Vil is the primary antagonist in the 1961 animated film, One Hundred and One Dalmatians, the 1996 live-action film, 101 Dalmatians, and the book of the same name that inspired both. She is portrayed by Betty Lou Gerson in the animated film and Glenn Close in the live-action adaption.

Cruella De Vil loves furs and is obsessed with them. She is known to be greedy, spoiled, and unkind.

In her appearance, Cruella is mentioned by Roger to be Anita's old schoolmate. He begins to sing his own version of Cruella "Cruella De Vil" Cruella storms in and asks if the puppies came believing they are the key to make a spotted fur coat. Anita says in three weeks they will. Cruella leaves without even joining Anita for tea. She then comes back in three weeks and she asks if they'll sell the puppies. Both Radcliffes say no. Furious Cruella leaves. She asks Horace and Jasper for help stealing the puppies. Then she next appears in the movie when she angrily watches her henchmen watching "What's My Crime". She demands them to start skinning the puppies for a fur coat! She slaps Horace and Jasper when they ask if they can finish the show first, and leaves them in her house to skin the puppies, threatening to call the police if they aren't done by morning. She finds Horace and Jasper looking for the puppies who escaped the house and they discover their footprints in the snow. They follow them to Dinsford and Cruella sees black puppies and soon she realizes that they are the puppies in soot. She follows the van the puppies ride in, but damages her car in a tree. Enraged, she tries to run the van off the road, but Horace and Jasper try to do the same thing, but Horace pulls out the wheel and they crash into Cruella's car. Cruella yells in frustration as the van drives away and she and her henchmen are taken away to prison.


Maleficent is the primary antagonist of the 1959 Disney Classic Sleeping Beauty. She takes offense at not being invited to the christening of Princess Aurora, and attempts revenge on King Stefan and the Queen by cursing Aurora. Contrary to popular belief, Maleficent is a fairy, albeit a dark one, responsible for all misfortune in King Stefan's kingdom; she appears to be particularly unfond of the three good fairies Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, her polar opposites, who do all in their power to keep Maleficent's overwhelming evil magic at bay. Maleficent is also famous for her role as one of the primary antagonists of the Kingdom Hearts series. With her gothic, elegant design, dramatic and flamboyant animation and unlimited arsenal of magic powers, Maleficent is one of the most popular and well-known Disney Villains.

Prince Pyjamarama:

Prince Pyjamarama is a main antagonist of The Further Adventures of Superted-Ruse of the Rajah. He trys to get rid of his nephew, Prince Rajeash. And he has a helping henchman, Mufti. Prince Pyjamarama has a favourite subject of his, Pyjamas. And altogether, Prince Pyjamarama & Mufti try to get rid of Superted & Spotty as well. Prince Pyjamarama wants Mufti to dress as a white tiger and kidnap Rajeash to the cave because he wants to be King. But Superted, Spotty in the white tiger costume & Rajeash stop Prince Pyjamarama & Mufti on time. But Prince Pyjamarama & Mufti try to run for it but Superted & Rajeash make Prince Pyjamarama & Mufti slip to the water fountain. Prince Pyjamarama was voiced by Frank Welker.

Dr. Frost:

Dr. Frost is a main antagonist of The Further Adventures of Superted-Leave it to Space Beavers. He has a henchman called Pengy voiced by Frank Welker. Dr. Frost first appeared in Superted meets Doctor Freezing Frost in Superted annual 1988. He & Pengy have evil deeds so they plan to tell the space beavers to come and have a taste. Then Dr. Frost tells the space beavers a lie about Superted & Spotty who make troubles so Dr. Frost, Pengy & The space beavers tie Superted & Spotty on the log. Dr. Frost & Pengy turn the outside ground into the ice. But Superted, Spotty & The space beavers have to go to Dr. Frost's ice-cream house. Then they battle Dr. Frost & Pengy. The first ray bounces off the mirror turning Pengy into a giant icicle and Pengy dies. Superted, Spotty & The space beavers defeat Dr. Frost with the strawberry ice-cream. Soon, Dr. Frost starts to cry.


Napoleon (named Caesar in the French translations) is the main villain of George Orwell's famous book Animal Farm - he is a fat, greedy pig who turns the farm into a dictatorship parallelling the events of the Soviet Union (which the story was based on)

Napoleon helped to overthrow the humans that had been oppressing the animals in the farm with help from fellow pig Snowball but soon becomes extremely corrupt and cruel - disposing of animals that displease him and adopting policies almost identical to those used by the humans they had fought against.

In the end of the story Napoleon and his fellow pigs (minus Snowball, who ran afoul of Napoleon and disposed of) are so corrupt that the other animals can no longer tell the difference between the pigs and the humans.

Napoleon was based on real life Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.

Buxton the Blue Cat:

Buxton is the only Blue Cat & the main popular classic antagonist in the world and everyone in the area came to see such a wondrous thing. He liked the attention he received, so decided to stay indefinitely. But Buxton isn't a nice cat. He has a plan is to become the Blue King (with the help of the Blue Voice and her Blue Army) and ensure that everything in the world is blue. So anything that isn't blue would be destroyed and anyone that isn't blue would be imprisoned. He speaks with a northern accent and likes saying to himself, 'I'm so evil', but he has a talent for playing the piano (a blue one of course) with his feet and tail. Dougal tried to warn everyone about how nasty he was, but Buxton pretended to cry and said he was being rejected for his colour. Everyone felt sorry for him and ignored Dougal's protests. They even said he should stay at Dougal's place, as he had the room. Dougal wasn't happy, especially when Buxton went to sleep in his bed. Buxton became the Blue King after passing the tests of the Blue Voice and she gave him her Blue Army to ensure that everything turned blue. But Buxton became over confident and his downfall was orchestrated by Dougal, who stopped Buxton from taking over the moon, and he freed all the prisoners. The Blue Voice doesn’t like failure and so stripped him of his powers and his reign of terror came to an end. Afterwards Buxton asked Dougal and his friends for forgiveness. He blushed in shame and turned white.

Nogbad the Bad: Nogbad the bad is the archetypal wicked uncle, obsessed with an ambition to regain the crown of the Northlands which (in his view) was wrongly given to his worthless nephew, Noggin. His life is spent devising ingeniously evil schemes to steal the crown, or force Noggin to give it up.

At the end of each saga, Nogbad is defeated, banished or, apparently, destroyed, but fortunately he always returns to his black castle and his loyal band of crows to plot the necessary evil for the next saga.

Try to imagine a viking version of Terry Thomas, or maybe Dick Dastardly, and you'll get the picture. Nogbad the Bad is undoubtedly most peoples favourite character, probably because everyone else is so boringly nice all the time!


A traitor is an individual that betrays his or her allies, whether for personal gain or some other factor - treachery is often considered one of the most evil of traits in a villain due to the fact that a traitor is hard to trust, after all any character that is ruthless enough to betray friends and allies is more than ruthless enough to be a threat to anyone else - traitors are similiar to usurpers but don't always seek a position of power. Also traitor villains can sometimes betray other villains.

The Evil Queen:

The Evil Queen is the main villain of Snow White, her most famous incarnation is in Disney's classic animated feature but the origin of the story goes as far back as folklore itself - being a popular fairytale. Disney's film had a tremendous impact on how people see the Evil Queen as a villain and introduced the concept of her Magic Mirror and her ultimate transformation from an attractive but vain woman to a hideous old hag.

The Evil Queen married an unnamed King who died. She despised her step-daughter - Snow White - due to her beauty and forced her to dress in rags while treating her as a servant rather than a daughter: throughout the story it was made clear the Evil Queen's motive was her vanity, she simply couldn't stand the idea of someone being more beautiful than herself and was cruel enough to take drastic steps to ensure this could never happen.

This was shown when, upon asking her Magic Mirror who was the fairest in the land, the Evil Queen was informed that it was Snow White - she grew angered and ordered her Huntsman to take Snow White to a field and kill her: wishing to have proof of the deed she gave the Huntsman a box and ordered him to bring back Snow White's heart once his task was done.

However the Evil Queen didn't count on the fact her Huntsman was more merciful than herself and he spared Snow White's life, telling her to flee and never return - he then killed an animal from the forest and gave its heart to the Evil Queen: tricking her into believing Snow White was dead.

In time the Evil Queen became aware of Snow White's existence when her Magic Mirror once again informed her that Snow White was the fairest in the land and that she was alive and being taken care of by a group of seven dwarves in the forest.

Driven mad with rage the Evil Queen utilized her knowledge of the dark arts to transform her once noble (albeit wicked) form into that of a grotesque and frightening hag - she then created a poisoned apple and made her way to the dwarves' cottage.Evil Queen as an Old Lady

The Evil Queen waited until the dwarves had gone to the mines to work until she arrived, pretending to be a harmless old woman and offered Snow White the poisoned apple - Snow White innocently took the apple and collapsed to the ground as the Evil Queen cackled madly and left the scene.

However the woodland animals were quick to inform the dwarves of what transpired and they raced into action - the dwarves pursued the Evil Queen up onto a mountain where she attempted to roll a boulder down to crush her pursuers but slipped in the process, causing her to fall to her death as the boulder fell onto her.

The dwarves returned to the cottage and believed Snow White was dead yet couldn't bare to bury her so encased her in a glass coffin - she would later be awoken from the Evil Queen's curse by the kiss of her one true love: the Prince and the two would proceed to live "Happily Ever After".

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