Aaahh Real Monsters Season 5 on Cartoon Network is Pikachufreak's fan-fiction thing to make. It features Aaahh Real Monsters Season 5 episodes broadcast on Cartoon Network. It begins its broadcast on September 11, 1999 and it stars Ickis, Oblina, Krumm and the rest of the crew. It is a production of Klasky Csupo and Hanna Barbera. This is the first time where The Klasky Csupo robot logo appears after the end credits, just before the 1997-2002 Hanna Barbera logo (which has the Aaahh Real Monsters Variant in it).

Episode 1:



Episode 2:



Episode 3:

Episode 4:

Episode 5:

Episode 6:

Episode 7:

Episode 8:

Episode 9:

Episode 10:

Episode 11:

Episode 12:

Episode 13:

Episode 14:

Episode 15:

Episode 16:

Episode 17:

Episode 18:

Episode 19:

Episode 20:

Episode 21:

Episode 22:

Episode 23:

Episode 24:

Episode 25:

Episode 26:

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